Devin Troy Strother’s Color Bonanza!

Devin Troy Strothe attack

I recently came across these great collage paintings of Devin Troy Strothe (thanks for the link Mr.Redwood) and was blown away by the recent Art Center grads color explosion and the humorous content. The work is playful but dabbles with social/political issues which is always a nice mix as too often political work = boring and predictable. Visit his site and make sure to read the titles as they are fantastic.

Devin Troy Strother runningman

Devin Troy Strothe pleasedont

Devin Troy Strothe forest

Devin Troy Strothe colors

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  • willian

    i dunno.. somehow it remembers Matthew Palladino works.

  • matthew palladinos work is great, but not exactly the most mold breaking stuff. both are clearly influenced by simple shapes and folk art, but that doesnt in any way mean that one is derivative of the other. i can see a wide variety of influences that are coming together to make something pretty awesome.

    and at any rate, if youre gonna throw out a name, id say michael swaney… and i like thinking of that name.

  • the lord chief rocka

    Dont even trip! keep doing your thang! Big ups to young dev.
    Oh and Amir, its Strother , you forgot the R.

  • ryan

    so good! im all about the 2nd and 3rd pieces. there’s a nice balance of naive and sophistication.

  • Amir

    damn typing! I’ve fixed the typo… thanks mr.Chief!

  • I’ve seen his work for a while now, but the new stuff is epic. Phenomenal colors and textures in all of the pieces. I keep thinking of the paintings in the Huxtable house with modern satire included.

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