B/D Apparel Sneak Peak


We’re gearing up B/D Apparel for another season of collaborations with artists from around the world. It might seem like we just send our the art for the shirts to the printers and wait for them to ship us finished shirts but that’s far from the truth! We spend weeks camped out at our printers fine tuning every single shirt. The process can be grueling with some shirts taking an entire day just to get right. Here are some shots from a recent day at the printer….


Are those colors looking familiar? No we’re not releasing a Bob Marley shirt but you’re not too far off…


Does this clue ring a bell?


If you’re from the D.C. area and were into the punk/hardcore scene like me then you surely have this image ingrained in your head. We know its been done in the past but we had to do our own variation and show respect to one of the best punk bands of all time! If you still can’t figure it out here’s another clue.


Our printers have every single material you can imagine. This wall was covered with various glitters, foils, and other embelleshments found on every single tween shirt. I don’t think we’ll be doing a bedazzled B/D shirt anytime soon but I every time I walk by this wall I have to stop and stare at all the colors.


All the colors for the inks are mixed to match pantones. As you can see they have premixed every single color you can imagine.


A killer new shirt coming out for holiday by Robert Shields


Graffiti City shirt by Book:1 cover artist  Kyle Thomas.

We liked the Lost Face t shirt so much we’re releasing it in this new colorway!


You may recognize this graphic from a contest we did a while back. We switched it up slightly and made a shirt out of it. The first step in printing shirts is to get nice, crisp films of the artwork.

Then pour the colors on each screen…

And voila! the final product! Stay tuned more images coming up from silkscreen land.

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  • i love seeing those stacks of jarred inks, some printers keep the buckets of mixed excess inks around that create a real nice visual as well.

  • Looks great! I’m really surprised y’all do anything on the manual press – is that just for proofs, or are the entire runs done on there?

  • Amir

    we do both manual and automatic depending on the graphic, difficulty and so on. Anything goes to print the shirts!

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  • did you guys print a dog shirt for ziggy yet? i know my dog has been wanting one

  • Fei

    I want those jars of sequins..

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  • New shirts are looking fantastic!

  • Akhila

    and obviously excited 🙂 🙂 looks so great