Asuka Ohsawa

images via horton & co

images via horton & co

Asuka Ohsawa masterfully uses gouache on paper to create a world rife with dichotomous flair. Long Japanese scroll paintings depict cute anthropomorphic animals frolicking the town in seeming innocence and naivete but upon closer inspection there is a child ready to detonate a bomb and a crowd ready to capture and devour. There is underlying tension in all her works, reflecting on ideals and grievences of family and home, social and cultural norms, sexual moires, and moral righteousness. Each character and its surrounding environment is tightly rendered and outlined in sharp and precise lines, executed in flattened perspectives and limited color palates.

In a recent series of new work Ohsawa depicts a muse that flaunts both traditional Japanese erotica and a cute and innocent character you’d see on Cartoon Network. She seduces with a fearless and empowering gaze that is directed at the mesmerized viewer, beckoning the voyeur to witness and glorify her exhibition. The patterns of her garments and the interiors billow without suggesting an ease in movement. The precision and accuracy of each brushstroke is breathtaking in its faultlessness and supports the rampant tension in each scene.





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