Judy Fox’s Tromp L’oeils


Judy Fox creates these bizarre, and stunning life-like sculptures that re-create figures from ancient world mythology and historical depictions. Isolated from their typically mystical surroundings, they become somehow both more and less magical, if that is possible. What amazes me most about them is that Fox creates these entirely out of terra cotta(!)- sort of a fitting material, used to depict Osiris from Egypt, legions of warriors at Qin Shi Huang, Indian gods and goddesses- you get the idea. There is something universally biblical in their man-fashioned-from-clay likenesses…oh and then they are painted over in oils! Some process shots as well for the sculpture of a Satyr above below the jump- all kind of looking like relics from Indiana Jones.







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  • Fei

    It’s crazy to see the process. It’s such an eerie thing to see the human representation fractured like that.

  • her technique is amazing- i wonder how large this is- life size? doll size?
    also, i wonder what makes this a satyr? arent satyrs half human, half goat? this is a fantastic piece of art

  • I know, they are great aren’t they! The sizes are actually life size!
    Also good question about the satyr! What makes Fox’s sculptures interesting for me is she robs these typically mythological figures of their typical supernatural/royal decoration/qualities….in this case, the satyr is in a classic flute-playing pose, but with no flute, no horns, etc!!

  • PS the bottom one is called Sphinx….maybe references through the hair and posture of the arms is like wings, I don’t know, any ideas?

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