Goodbye, fearless intern Greg Ruben!


The seasons change, the brittle Autumn leaves fall to the fore, summer’s last days ebb a California surfer’s wave…what I’m trying to say is that yet another fearless intern, Greg Ruben, will be moving on from B/D. We here at B/D decided you readers might  be interested to know who some of the folks are here who work tirelessly and relentlessly for stale bread, water and “experience” (aka interns)- and so we are spotlighting Greg, whose last day is today! Greg is a design student at UCLA and has contributed to some great graphics over the course of his stay here, as well as many rapier-sharp witted blog posts that I am sure you have come to know and love. His personal work is pretty cool too. So thank you for the music, Greg, and forgive me for tricking you into thinking the above photo was in some way related to a post about shipping out our latest season of B/D Apparel. (Hey, at least I told you to smile!)




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