Studio Visit: Jacin Giordano

jacin giordano paintings

I recently  had the chance to visit the studio of Jacin Giordano in sunny Miami Florida. Jacin and I went to college together in Baltimore where he received his BFA at Maryland Institute College of Art. He’s  been quite busy as of late with shows at Fredric Snitzer Gallery in Miami as well as Galerie Baumet Sultana in Paris. As you can see from the photo above Jacin’s work is incredibly labor intensive. He uses hundreds (if not thousands) of gallons of glue, paint and god knows what else to create paintings and sculptures filled with deep crevasses and caverns waiting to be explored. Here is a sneak peak at his process, studio and his next batch of work for his 2010 solo show at Frederic Snitzer.

Jacin Giordano

Jacin uses a large variety of material to create his work . The above is a detail of a painting made with yarn strung across a canvas. Gallons of paint were dripped over the surface slowly creating the drippy, cobb web like effect. the finish of the painting is primarily white but brilliantly bright colors peak out and shimmer from underneath.

Jacin Giordano

When I first came over to his studio Jacin was sitting in the corner painting away in his socks. Only a brave man would walk on these floors with only a piece of cotton separating him from puddle upon puddle of acrylic.

Jacin Giordano

Jacin recently began laying canvases on the ground to catch pools of paint that would drip off his paintings. Once the paint drys he takes a blade to the surface, creating a shredded effect. The above image is the the result of the process.

Jacin Giordano paintings

Another shredded painting.

jacin giordano

A nice detail showing the layers of paint that the cutting technique exposes. This was one of the smallest painting in the studio but also my favorite.

Jacin Giordano

Jacin also makes some great sculptures. Here he is building a five foot tall jagged crystalized rock formation. It’s made by gluing thousands of pieces of poured paint onto the surface.

Jacin Giordano

A detail of the same piece.

Jacin Giordano

Another body of work that’s simultaneously happening in the studio are these large glitter blanket pieces. Jacin starts off with various thrift store blankets are glued to the surface of the paintings. Once he has the right composition he covers the surface of the canvas with glue, hardening the shape of the blankets. Notice the stacks of glue and paint in the photo? That’s all for one painting!

Jacin Giordano

Once the blanket is hardened Jacin pours gallon upon gallon of paint followed by glitter. The paintings transform into abstract glittery surfaces that recall shiny topographical maps.

Jacin Giordano

No space in Jacin’s studio is safe from poured paint. Here black and white striped paint are poured over glass. Once dry the paint will be peeled off and collaged onto  paintings.

Thanks to Jacin for opening his studio doors for us. I’ll make sure to post some photos of the finished work once his show is up in January.

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  • normally im not a huge fan of super processy work, but this is far too awesome not to be liked. love the studio shots too.

  • Wow these are beautiful!!! they look like frosted shredded wheat.

  • Akhila

    really liking the tangible, corporeal feel to this work.

    it’s so… excessive

  • Love that Jacin shows his processes so freely and doesn’t hide them as secrets. The end results are always in flux and leading to other results and couldn’t be faked anyway. Really great work!

  • Frank

    He is tremendous! His sculpture/paintings are so absolutely cool.

  • Would like to see this in person. Looks identical to the studios back at school.