Tipper Gore Is A Photographer?

Tipper Gore Photography

I know that Democrats are supposed to be hip and that most artists “Baracked the vote” but I was blown away when I stumbled onto the photography of Tipper Gore. Am I crazy or are these really great photographs? I could see these images in Time (maybe even National Geographic) magazine any day of the week. My hats off to Tipper. I’m truly impressed. More images after the jump.

Tipper Gore Photography

Tipper Gore Photography

Tipper Gore Photography

Tipper Gore Photography

(Link found via Female Persuasion)

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  • http://www.bravomartin.cl Martin Bravo

    Agree! I love the ptotograph of the buffalo jumping.

  • Amos Oaks

    Someone should report those photos of elderly abuse, bestiality, and nature in the raw to the
    PPRC (Parents Photo Resource Center)…

  • http://www.gregruben.com Greg

    Serious, weird to see that she’s semi-redeeming herself after what she did to art in the 80s.

  • DAG

    Sure, these seem very good!

  • http://www.femalepersuasion.net Anne Kelly

    isn’t her work beautiful?
    thanks for the repost~ fp

  • http://thegorbott.blogspot.com Q W Gorbott

    i would say they are above average, but i think describing them as “really great” is a bit of a stretch.

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