Tim Roda’s MacGuyver-ed Mysticism


Tim Roda’s photographs seem to create ancient and historical scenes of magic and myth through slightly improvised, found materials. The above image, “Centaur” is striking for its oscillation between a certain kind of epic grandeur and a bizarre, seedy perversion. Many of his images superficially appear to be from some near-distant canon of royalty, though quickly dissolve into household snapshots. There’s something youthful as well in their innocent attempts at grandeur with just a little imagination, always infused with some kind of borderline hint at violence or conflict.






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  • Fei

    Wow I fucking love these

  • Somewhat reminiscent of Joel Peter Witkin.

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  • I love these photos and the worlds it creates in my mind.
    Hope the artist gets into directing some film in the future.

  • Jung called myths “psychological stories” so it is fitting that you described these photographs that way, because the borrow from myths literally – like the Egyptian statue and the Centaur image, and figuratively – in that they are meant to read psychologically. Cool photos, I like the attention to the edges, and the patterns/stripes in the background.