Ryan McGinley’s Cave Dwellers


Ryan McGinley recently completed an entire new suite of photographs entitled “Moonmilk” exploring nude figures set within kaleidoscopic, quasi-mystical caves and rock permutations. At its core there is something wondrous and fantastical about these dramatic, cinematic style faux/real fo’ real(?) backdrops. Disneyland-esque even, equal parts Space Mountain/Matterhorn/Thundermountain….(Does anyone remember the one ride that had some kind of stalagtite-ridden ice cave with multi-colored changing pools that everyone threw pennies in?) With the figures inserted often in semi-Yogic poses, an air of impermeable esoteric rites combined with Sci-fi futurism collapse….on a strange planet in a distant retro-future, a new race of innocent cave-dwelling Adams and Eves is born? Hmm….They’re really all so flawlessly, amazingly beautiful that I had to post about 10 of them below, but you should definitely check out the entire series on his site.

If you happen to be in London, the works will be on view at Alison Jacques Gallery through October 8th.











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  • yeah, someone posted a couple of these a while back and i was totally awestruck. its good to see more.
    i would really like to hear the stories about how these were made. im coughing the word “interview”… but you cant hear me being subtle.

  • Drew! I know Amir told me he posted these, d’oh, guess I forgot about them. Its so funny you say that, ’cause I totally emailed him asking for an interview but haven’t heard anything back. Hey, not everyone wants free press, right?