Liu Fei

Liu Fei
Chinese artist Liu Fei and I share the same name (my name would be Liu Fei too if it was written last name first) but we obviously are not the same person…it’s sort of like how I have 3 other Fei Liu’s as friends on Facebook who are all dudes.

Liu Fei paints bald young women that comment on the interplay of conformity and self-expression. Their means of dress and lack of hair are very much in line with one another, yet their rebellious gestures and exaggerated facial expressions speak of a desire to turn convention on its head. Red smiling mouths jump out from an otherwise black-and-white monochrome palette, thus seeming to ridicule the country’s traditional female virtues like purity, delicacy and grace.

Liu Fei
Liu FeiLiu Fei

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  • Sasha

    Your mirror-self in the Black Lodge….

  • drew

    pop a purple hat on those ladies and you have some pretty intense jack nicholson joker art.