Helena Kvarnström

Helena Kvarnström

Helena Kvarnström ”write[s] and take photographs and [is] interested in trees, water, bodies, 
ghosts, loneliness, stillness, secrets and hidden threats,” according to the artist. And that’s exactly what her images consist of: women in the wild in striking black and white, lonely in their honesty. 


Hatchet Hacker!

Created by Marc Lewis at The Glamorgan Centre for Art & Design Technology in 1994.

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Happy Halloween

This video is complete nonsense but I’m amused. This kid is creative!



Place, placed in Argentina, plays with parts of people and pieces of precipitation. Oh, and is really good at creating surreal and beautiful images. Their most current project is for MTV, making MTV just a little bit cooler (what with no music videos aired anymore, they sure need it). 

Laura Bird

Laura Bird

Laura Bird, out of London, makes beautiful Norse-Children’s Book Illustration hybrids by illustrating with pen and ink and paint and even papier-mâché. Her illustrations evoke a bit of whimsy with such toothy faces and happy colors, crossing over from paper in the the three-dimensional world.

Ray Villafane’s In-sane Pumpkin Membranes



Happy Halloween from us guys and ghouls at B/D! To celebrate the season here’s some crazy pumpkin sculptures by Ray Villafane. He seems to gravitate towards the obvious Halloween iconography of possessed grim reaper demon skulls, giant alien man-eating spiders, and George Bush. If you’re so inclined, you can even read a tutorial on how to carve your own squash into these hauntingly delightful mimetic designs on his website! And I thought I was talented for managing a triangle eye and jagged mouth on my pumpkin….

Human Bread, Anyone?

Kittiwat Unarrom6


Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum. I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he living, or be he dead, I’ll grind his bones to mix my bread! Someone took the old British nursery rhyme a little too far it seems…In honor of the upcoming holiday, I’ll only be posting creepy art on the blog….In case you’re wondering, no, B/D has not gone into the gruesome business of baking humans- what you see is the artwork of Kittiwat Unarrom, a Thai artist and baker who sculpts macabre edible creations. He got his inspiration from working in his parents bakery- talk about playing with your food! I found a video on YouTube of the artist at work below- it seems to only be Thai but its cool to see the 3D works…

Mickey and Johnny

Michael Kelly and Johnny Kelly are two brothers from Dublin, Ireland who work separately and sometimes together also. Michael lives and works in Tralee, Ireland, while Johnny is based out of London, UK.  Micheal’s photographs are beautifully saturated images, that posses a feeling of nostalgia and modernity. Johnny is an illustrator, with a love for the paper arts, his piece “Don’t Panic”, as shown above, is a great example of his amazing use of color and shape.