Daikichi Amano’s Mystical Pornography

Picture 10

Japanese photographer Daikichi Amano creates strangely sexual tableux that bring to life the ancient woodblock tradition of “Shunga” erotica. Vaulting bizarre fetishes to the next level, animals twist into obscure props in some kind of alternate world vision, in which powerful sirens are enveloped by sea creatures and warriors posture. Amano’s White Witch parallel universe is as enchanting as it is macabre. The figures all have a certain allure and potency radiating from them that I can’t explain…. I read somewhere that Amano eats all the animals after the shoots so as to not waste them in a weird, extended, Tantric-magician performative move, perhaps….

Picture 8

Picture 7

Picture 3

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  • http://alexiskaneshiro.com Alexis

    Ohhhh I LOVE these! Especially the one with an octopus!

  • http://www.furtherado.net Amelia M

    That second photo could have been taken straight from the movie Paprika (if it were a live action film, not an anime!) – fantastic.

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  • http://sashamlee.com Sasha

    Amelia- I hadn’t heard of Paprika before but I googled it….very trippy! And yeah, they totally seem to share a lot of the same themes, especially the surrealist, dream-nature of it! Thanks for recommending that :)

  • MJSG

    so . totally. cool. the octopus picture is fantastic

  • Kay

    I started writing an article for school (art history) on Daikichi Amano. It’s about the link he makes to the old Shunga art. If anyone has more interesting biographic information on him, please feel free to reply to this post.

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  • http://www.verdoppledeinedates.com David Deangelo

    These pictures are a little crazy, but I would be blind if I couldn’t see your talent through this art.

    Would love to see more from you.

    Greetings from Germany,

  • http://verdoppledeine-dates.info Verdopple Deine Dates

    over creative Japanese.

  • http://www.sexyohnediaet.info Sexy ohne Diät

    Ohhhh I LOVE these! Especially the one with an octopus!

  • http://www.verdopple-deine-dates.de Verdopple Deine Dates

    crazy pics – i love these :-)

  • http://www.gefaellt-mir24.de/page/sprueche Sprüche

    Omg GREAT Picture =) Love them! Keep up the great work!!!! =)

  • http://verdopple-deine-dates.net Verdopple Deine Dates

    I have to admit these images are a little disturbing to me. I don’t think I would hang that up in my living room.

  • zack

    bored of normal porn