Only a Few More Weeks to Enter & Win $1,000!


Ahh….fame and fortune, who doesn’t need the extra wads of cash and bragging rights? Only a few more weeks to win both for Beautiful/Decay and Talenthouse’s – shirt competition! There have been some great entries so far- so keep ’em comin!

May I remind you that the winner receives a whopping $1000 cash prize and the fame of having their design featured & promoted on and printed on a T-shirt!

The design is completely open to your interpretation and can be as creative as possible, as long as it includes the Talenthouse logo in some way. You can create any style of graphic of your choosing—the logo can be either a small element within the overall design, or you can focus on the logo in a new creative way.

This is a chance to have your design be seen and worn around the world! More details after the jump!


PRIZE: $1,000!


– In order to apply, you must create a free account at:
– Up to 3 designs per artist.
– For judging purposes, please upload a 72dpi image at:

– Please retain a layered (300 dpi) Illustrator or Photoshop file in the case your design wins.
– Colors for print are entirely open, but should be called out in Pantone solid colors and
limited to 4.
– Designs can be submitted for either black or white shirt bodies.
– Please remember to include the Talenthouse logo somewhere in the design.


Talenthouse is a global platform for creatives, providing opportunities for recognition, collaboration, and compensation. Artists can log onto and participate in unique projects with emerging and established artists, as well as showcase their work and gain recognition.


The Talenthouse logo is a West African Adrinka representing a snake climbing a thorny raffia tree—symbolizing Talenthouse’s recognition of every artist’s potential to scale new heights and “perform the impossible.”

Good luck to all! We look forward to seeing your submissions!

For more details, visit Talenthouse.

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  • hello! i adore your website! got lost on here haha..
    i’m an artist, my blog is here: ~
    it’s very nice to meet you!

  • Amir

    Hi Amber! Glad to have you here. Make sure to enter the t-shirt contest. First prize is $1000 USD!

  • We are really looking forward to your submissions!

    This is your chance to win $1000, have your shirt design printed on thousands of Talenthouse shirts, be part of our official Talenthouse merch store, be featured in our blog and newsletter and as an artist on our site.

    Logo material here

    What are you waiting for 🙂

    Thanks in advance, I can’t wait to see your artwork/design!