Jordi Ferreiro’s Workshops For Kids

Jordi Ferreiro

Yayoi Kusama homage

Jordi Ferreiro

Andy Warhol homage

Spanish designer Jordi Ferreiro takes on a role often overlooked in the creative industry when he organizes these art workshop for kids. Though I’m definitely not qualified to make any astute comments on arts education in the American school system, it’d be nice if there was umm… more of it. It’s interesting though, to see the sort of primitive forms and ideas presented in the children’s artworks and think “Wow, the stuff made by (enter currently hip artist’s name who makes drawings that look like kids made them) totally looks like this!”. Maybe the form is completely mastered but not the thoughts behind it because the output of a child’s imagination is fresh. We’re just all jaded and hungry for irony.

Collage Club!

Collage Club!

Collage Club!

Collage Club!

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  • Greg

    Is it just me or are last two kids smirking?

  • dama aflita

    he is great…..if you want a great worshop for kids hired him :-)
    do not forget to see his personal work.

  • Muffin

    Great post, really inspiring projects!

  • Los Angeles Creative Woodwork Artist

    Excellent reminder of just how great children’s workshops really are. I truly hope they aren’t the dying breed we all sense is emminent in public programs.