HUH. Magazine

HUH. magazineHUH. Magazine is a new free zine coming out of the UK. The color newsprint showcases some pretty neat art and photography from all around the world. You can find the dope zine in bookshops and galleries in London, NYC, Stockholm, Paris, and Chicago. Plus if you order it online, all you need to pay is postage. Pretty legit.

Liz Cohen


The humor may be pretty obvious in displacing hot rod models and putting them in odd, working class, mundane, broke down car scenarios, but Liz Cohen’s photographs are humorous nonetheless.

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Chukwa’s Approach III (The Final Encounter)

When I was a kid I was obsessed with turtles. Not sure why but I just loved turtles. I even had a pet miniature turtle named Skatey. Why did I name him Skatey do you ask? Because I liked to skateboard…. I know I know… I’m very good at naming pets.

This video goes out to my buddy Skatey up there in turtle heaven. RIP

Ps. video by Depart

Real Life Tetris

Real life Tetris (my favorite video game) by Sergej Hein…

Francine Spiegel

Francine Spiegel

Francine Spiegl is kind of like the painterly female counterpart to Paul McCarthy’s chocolatey, syrupy, Santa, violent, chopping, dripping, slopping performances. In fact, for her upcoming exhibition “Mud and Milk” at Deitch projects, Spiegel created a massive performance that called for “10 pounds of grits, 5 jugs of pancake syrup, 10 squirt bottles of grape jelly, 5 bottles of Pepto-Bismol, 20 buckets of tempura paint, 20 cans of whipped cream; plus silly string, shaving cream, Fruit Loops, flour, Kool-Aid, glitter, pie, marshmallow Fluff, fake arms, fake blood and chocolate syrup.” These ingredients were researched and taken from Fangoria Magazine’s behind the scene horror movie ingredients.

Ryan Pierce



There is something desolate about Ryan Pierce’s woodblock-style paintings, although they’re filled with color and often the riotous bounty of nature…maybe it’s the lack of human presence that makes all of his scenes feel somewhat abandoned. A couple of the pieces below, in particular, are very Van-Gogh-ish in their paint handling and palette, a reference I feel I haven’t seen explored much out of young contemporary artists. Ryan seems to update the expressionist ethos into a post-industrial landscape.




Leonard White and collaborator Ryan Rogers combine forces to become UK-based ROBOTS>>>. ROBOTS>>> does, in fact, make wonderfully giant robots that are created out of cardboard and scrap metal, and then photographed very beautifully.


Adela Holmes

Adela Holmes


Adela Holmes’ photograph is otherworldly. While you know what you’re looking at, the way Adela injects movement and mystery into the composition makes for fascinating pieces of work.