Igor Starkov

Igor Starkov photography

This is a bizarre yet interesting project by Russian photographer Igor Starkov. Here is a description of the project in the photographers own words:

Vladivostok amateur photographers often go to the countryside for photo sessions. Anyone can be a model but in general they are young girls and photographers are men of different ages.

The larger and more expensive the camera and the longer the lens, the bigger the chance to find a girl for a photo session.

I was photographing what they have created. Postures, looks, everything was as it would be on amateur photographs with the only difference that I was using film and medium format and perhaps was composing my frames more professionally.

And photographers are eager to touch young girls with their hands, put down a bretelle and may be get to know her closer. There is even a certain competition between the photographers – who managed to take pictures of more beautiful girls, and whose pictures are sexier. To persuade her to pose naked requires mastery not everyone has.

Igor Starkov photography

Igor Starkov photography

Igor Starkov photography

Igor Starkov photography

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  • http://www.curiosity-media.com cm photography

    I’m not really understanding what he was trying to do here? Mimic amateur photographers? Or maybe he wanted to get a date?

  • bill starkov

    Interesting display of pictures. Thanks for sharing. Bill Starkov

  • http://www.indopromedia.com Aria Dikusuma

    nice pic, i like the view