Situs Invertus

Situs inversus

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything from the Beautiful/Decay Creative Pic Pool so here are some ghoulish and disgustingly awesome drawings by Situs Invertus. I couldn’t find much about Situs but his work reminds me of what the metalhead that sat next to me in junior high used to dry on his notebook.

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Situs inversus

Situs inversus

Situs inversus

Situs inversus

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  • Sylla

    this fulfills my addiction to zombies.
    so awesome.

  • chaparro

    ohh shet! osk is the illest! really taking art and graffiti to dark and disturbing places here in Venezuela. You should really check out more of his work on flickr, this is just a small sample. ATTYB for life!

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    good morning! Here in Venezuela we are super proud of the young talent as osk .. and we also agradesidos that you take this into account. We are confident that soon shine on the outside as much as it has done here! CONGRATULATIONS!

  • osk

    thank you guys!!