Francis Upritchard


Yes, that really is a literally rainb0w-gradated longhair headband wearing naked dude making some kind of Buddhist meditational gang sign. Francis Upritchard wraps up all that is right and wrong of the neo-crystal optimism of the 60’s psychedelic counterculture and fuses it with her own blend of futurism.





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  • These are pretty cool, they remind me a little of Kevin Hooyman’s watercolors.

  • i saw this thing a while back about buddhist monks who, before they die, go on a certain diet that essentially starts a preservation/mummification process. then they climb into these little shrines up in the mountains and starve themselves to death. im probably recounting that incorrectly, but these totally remind me of that in the best possible way.
    those bubbles are pretty genius as well.

  • Oh my god Drew, that story is beautiful!! I hadn’t heard that before, but what an amazing thing, now I look at that sculpture in a totally different way. It totally looks like he’s leaving this earth, or preparing too.

  • Yeah i think that’s pretty on point to the monk preservation thing drew, I saw that as well. If you find it again send it over.
    Real nice sculptures.

  • Yeah totally! She has a series as well (one of the images is above, with the shrouded figure in a table) that deals with mummies, they seem to be a lot about funeral rites/death ceremonies…? Something from the other side at any rate, really good point thanks Drew!

  • sixfivecentral

    In response to Drew. It’s called self-mummification. For more information… google or the following links. ;D