Jonathan Allen


Tommy Angel is Jonathan Allen’s bible-thumping alter ego, whose cheezy 70’s kitsch performances blend “miracles” culled from Christendom, Joke-shop magic and art’s own hall of mirrors alike. Drawing parallels between faith and illusion, conceit and deception, religion and slight of hand, Allen raises complex issues surrounding the nature of spectacle and its myriad applications across history.

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  • so are these performances, or photos? i was kind of envisioning this being worked out as an act, but the key elements in these shots seem to be photoshopped…. i was looking forward to magic, but got the magnetic lasso tool.

  • These are a selection of photos shown at the Singapore Biennale, where a performance accompanied them. He had a fake dollar bill bearing the face of Tommy Angel and various evangelical sayings snuck into the pockets of the general public…. (via pickpockets using their skills in reverse)….but he’s also actually performed “as” Tommy Angel at various museums etc in other performances. He’s actually a member of The Magic Circle, the UK organisation for professional magicians!!

  • (maybe I should’ve made a note of his accompanying performance in the first place, haha.)

  • you know i have high standards, sasha. im not satisfied until its reenacted in my apartment.

  • Dollar bills with his own face? sounds like a classic narcissistic personality disorder, “the world is extension of me.” But, since he is playing an alter-ego, then maybe he is commenting on that, which is interesting.

  • I will see what I can do, Drew, haha. If it comes down to it I will don a tux and show up at your house with a collapsable hat, evangelical slogans and a rabbit. You know we go to great lengths to please you.