Awesome Video Of The Day: Thick Mugs

Cinco is a multidisciplinary design studio in Argentina that combines film, photography and graphic design to create some amazing work. the above music video for Vertical Montanas is a perfect example of their lo-fi hi-fun approach.


pro snowboarder and filmmaker ANDREW HARDINGHAM is a fun-crazy-wild rider who likes to get weird… and I love it. This video is what I like to call as a bio on his life. From first discovering fire to boobs, Andrew went through some changes…

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ifo × rinpa

Skate & Destroy Paint with Ifo Skateboards.

Roxanne Jackson

Roxanne Jackson Ceramic Sculpture

Roxanne Jackson creates some fantastically creepy ceramic work.

We’re Moving So Watch Some Pellet Vids!

Hey everyone,
We just moved to our new amazing office and unfortunately our internet isn’t set up so excuse the lag in blog posts.We’ll try to post as much as we can during breaks from unpacking millions of boxes but in the meantime enjoy some fun animations by Pellet! We’ll be back up and posting in a day or two!

Awesome Video Of The Day: Strawberry Swing

Not sure how old this is but it’s still a good one. This is an alternative video for Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing, directed by Ross Neil and Matt Clark, with thanks to HSI London.

Joel Galvin

Joel Galvin 

Joel Galvin, or Ventral Is Golden (origin: late Middle English : from Latin venter, ventr- ‘belly’ + -al . Thanks Dictionary.) uses a plethora of different medium. Wonderfully, they all seem to correlate with each other. Perhaps it’s just how odd and familiar they are.


Sarah St. Clair Renard

Sarah St. Clair Renard


Sarah St. Clair Renard‘s website is divided into “Fashion,” “Portraits” and “Stories.” I love that last section, as all the photographs have no captions. We’ll never really know what stories she refers to. Her photographs capture a etheral feeling, be it fashion spreads, intimate portraits or seemingly snapshots of a high school football game. Also check out her blog, she posts more pictures from her day to day life there.