World leaders apologize from the future

World leaders apologize from the future

Examples from several Greenpeace-commissioned ads that have just been revealed in and around Copenhagen airport in the run up to the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) that takes place in the city next week. These ads feature a doctored image of a current world leader looking ten or so years older lamenting for their current inaction. Ad writer Toby Cotton of new agency Arc Communications (seemingly without a real website yet?) says about his choice of design that “the brief from Greenpeace International was simple, to put pressure on world leaders to create a fair and binding agreement at Copenhagen.” World leaders and big players in the Conference from around the world including Nicolas Sarkozy (France), Gordon Brown, (UK), Stephen Harper (Canada) and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Brazil) join President Obama in the ranks.

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  • I don’t think these adverts are very good given the insight to the brief we get here. The leaders are in Copenhagen to try and make a difference, I mean they are there right now? So dissing them for inaction seems a bit lame.

    I would say an advert based in the future is a cheap way out of a brief. It reminds me of “and then I woke up” as an end to a fanciful story. Changing the face digitally of leaders to recontextualize them has been done. Tibor Kalman and colors magazine in like 1856. (I’m just a bit anti greenpeace and all their preaching really). Also implying that in ten years time catasrophic climate change will have already made it’s presence felt kind of grates me. Maybe we can ask greenpeace to apologise in ten years time if things are still normal?

    Human’s seem the need an apocolypse. If it isn’t climate change it’s swine flu, if it isn’t swine flu it’s terrorism, if it isn’t terrorism it’s Susan Doyle….These ads just make me want to kick someone in the nuts already.

    New Zealand.

  • OK, OK, on reflection I think these ads answer the brief they were presented with, so slamming the agency was stupid. They have done a pretty good advert. So sorry for beaing an ass. I just find this whole climate change business really annoying and Greenpeace really gets on my nerves. There is so much conflicting information being sent to us I am naturally suspicious of the whole thing. This advert I guess represents the pinnacle of one side of an argument that affects me/us greatly. It is just as valid, until I know for sure, as the scientists who say climate change is a myth.

    my bad,

    New Zealand.

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  • Gas.Face

    The Green movement is just thinly veiled Marxism. Carbon taxes are about redistribution of wealth and increased energy costs. People are so easily manipulated its embarrassing.