Mastadon Maze

Come check out the opening of Mastadon Maze show (curated by our friends Mya Stark & Graham Kolbeins) at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood tonight 5-7pm! Just look at the enticing list of things that may or may not (but probably will) happen during the show! The Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair will also be happening at the same time so be there or be square!

Beverly Hsu


Okay, I like word art.  Also, I like cookies.  Nothing like a fresh batch of warm cookies.  Now imagine Helvetica font speeding down the street, crashing head-on into unsuspecting Sugar Cookie – Beverly Hsu knows the result. You can find out after the jump!

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Scott Reeder

Fruit at the Hospital

Fruit at the Hospital


I want to share the works of Scott Reeder with those of you who aren’t familiar already. He uses lots of great art convention and history references combined with slapstick humor via painting and sculpture. Like Naked Gun meets Painters Painting. Plus he is from Milwaukee, the wierdest place ever! Awesome!

William Emmert

emmert williams 1Ever wondered what to do with all those baseball cards you collected as young squirt?  William Emert has a good solution.  Instead of selling his collection at the local sports memorabilia store, he decided to turn his old trading cards into art. 

Jason Asato


Artist/illustrator Jason Asato of Honolulu, took a break from digital media to sketch up these grim pencil drawings.  Their vacant and focused, eerie stairs feel calm and sincere – they’re sad but hey, it’s alright…they’re okay with that.

Shohei Otomo


At quick glance, these manga illustrations by Japanese artist, Shohei Otomo appear to be traditional – black, white, red.  Not quite though: tough Geisha playing table tennis, far from.  Such a violent spin with these renderings, you really sense the impending impacts.  Fun.

Aaron Nagel

aaron nagel 3Hey kids, you don’t need to go to art school!  Look what self-taught painter, Aaron Nagel accomplishes without formal training.  This specific series of paintings feature beautiful women, who almost seem to be martyrs, against a dark abyss.  In a strange way, the portraits feel religious and slightly sacrilegious at the same time.   Aaron has upcoming shows in San Francisco and Florida.

Hussein Chalayan

Hussein Chalayan

British/Turkish fashion designer Hussein Chalayan is not only an internationally known figure in the industry’s runway, he is also an artist and catalyst for change of what it means to wear something. With his progressive attitude to clothing as a decorate-able and manipulatable second layer of skin, Hussein Chalayan has expanded the the materials of construction to an awe-inspiring breadth of technology and innovation.