Josh Podoll


When looking at Josh Podoll’s paintings they won’t give you anything to think about, and that is sort of the point.  My eye gets caught in the air-brushed, optical illusion like, geometric patterns in a sort of empty, humming, awake way.  Josh grew up in Fairfield Iowa – which is the former home of the Maharishi (of Beatles White Album fame) and one of the main centers for Transcendental Meditation in the US.  He is in a show at Christopher Grimes Gallery in LA that opens January 16.Josh Podoll, PersianCarpetSanctuary, 80 x 68

Josh Podoll, PersianCarpetSantuary, 80 x 68″

Josh Podoll, a welcome end to knowing, 48 x 60

Josh Podoll, A Welcome End to Knowing, 48 x 60″


Josh Podoll, InsideOutsideInBetween, 80 x 68″

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  • brother gray

    My god Bill you sorta totally missed the point. ” A Welcome End to Knowing” not a welcome end to thinking . Duh

  • My experience with the work is one where my mind gets quiet, as opposed to being presented with a narrative or confronted with an issue. I meant it as a compliment.

  • lester

    These are horrible.

  • lester

    Or. Sorry. Maybe I just dont get it. What is interesting here?

  • lester

    I can only compare to an abramovic piece. maybe. In the most genuine of feelings.

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