Tibi Neuspiel

Tibi Neuspiel, Sculpture

Now when I think of bread and art, I definitely did not imagine art on bread. Tibi Neuspiel’s work is extremely amusing and at the same time delicious? Using bread toast as inspiration and a variety of portraits, this artist definitely takes portraiture seriously, and toast too. The amazing sculptures are esthetically engaging while also intriguing. Tibi Neuspiel serves you a sandwich made with yummy toppings of toast, Hitler, cheese, Van Gogh’s ear and greek mythology.

van goh 3

van goh 2

picasso 1

pants 1

free spirit 2

free spirit 1

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  • Amir

    i like the palestine/israel sweat pants. I’d love a pair.

  • MJSG

    now we’re talkin!

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  • http://www.joebeckerpaintings.blogspot.com JOE BECKER

    Very Nice Tibi, I am glad you found a way to incorporate Tim Allen from the Santa Clause movies with Van Gogh. Lets trade for a Hitler Toast.