Casey Jex Smith

Casey Jex Smith, Chapel

Casey Jex Smith makes work which draws images sacred to high-geekdom, art, and religion together until they are inseparable.  I have been into his work since seeing it in person at the Drawing Center a couple of years ago.  Some of Smith’s influences are: Dungeons & Dragons manuals, Agnes Martin paintings, Mormon architecture, and Sunday School flannel-board cut-outs.  Casey and his wife – who is also an artist, Amanda Michelle Smith, both teach high school art in CA.

Casey Jex Smith, Walkul Milner

Casey Jex Smith, Walkul Milner, 9 x6″

Casey Jex Smith, White

Casey Jex Smith, White, 11.5 x 8″

Casey Jex Smith, detail of Nephihah

Casey Jex Smith, detail of Nephihah, 38 x 50″

Casey Jex Smith, Dragon

Casey Jex Smith, Dragon, 18 x 18″

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  • anonymous

    damn he’s talented.

  • i know. he’s one of those guys where its like – “damn, wish I made that,” crosses my mind when I see his work.