Kara Rane

Kara Rane
Here at B/D, we love it when you send us your work! Well this particular submission has the office divided – we can’t decide whether or not we love or hate these vibrant drawings from Kara Rane – I guess that’s what happens when your work is full of horses, little kids, sunsets, and sailboats. What do you think loyal B/D follower? Are you attracted to serene and harmonious imagery like this, or does cliched beauty disgust you…Give us your 2 cents!

Kara Rane

Kara Rane
Kara Rane

Kara Rane

Kara Rane

Kara Rane

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  • MJSG

    i’m fond of the colors and the mark-making here

  • Amir

    i am so torn on this. i feel like this really could go either way. One issue i have with it is the material. If these were paintings it would totally pass. but i think the cutesy imagery + the markers make me question it. There is some amazing moments in them. i especially like the first image and the boy on the beach. I see some similarities to peter doig, laura owens, and even dana schutz (who we posted just a few days ago).

  • http://www.drewbeckmeyer.com drew

    yeah, for me its corner cutting marks that kind of turn me off. for example, most of the water stuff is layered and uniquely marked which is really nice (also those beams of light in the first one). but then the trash, stars, and horses are so lazily indicated with black that it kind of confuses me.

  • devon

    bloody awful.

  • jack

    i dont know, the only reason i dont despise it is because its made with markers. the fact that she uses a lot of diffrent colors and marks keeps the drawing interesting. the cheap imagery is complemented by cheap tools in which she used. im on the fence, but leaning towards hating it


    Well, came across this website.
    I notice the publisher has love or hate as the “choice” here. I feel markers and I think how many “strokes” are applied. So many in comparison – to an oil or a water color application. I think the artists choice of “markers” is intentional and just maybe an affordable venue, as well as how much “brightness” is offered when using these instruments.
    I am fond of them actually. I like the risk the artist has undertaken- My favorite is the confetti type carousel horses.
    As well as the boy in the harbor.
    A fresh change in comparison to all the oils works out there in art world!
    I give this artist a way to go! I love them.

  • http://campsmartypants.com Rachel

    I love these! I am a person who is definitely attracted to bright colors. And the fact that she created these with your basic children’s marker set and crayons is really awesome in my opinion.