Paper Chasin’

brian dettmer Oh, the journeys you can go in books!  Brian Dettmer shows no respect for Webster as he cuts this dictionary… into something far more awesome. But wait there’s more!  Someone better yell timber, because here’s a forest’s worth of paper art from many great artists.

bert simons Bert Simons manipulates paper to create realism.

peter callesen 3 Peter Callesen takes a more satirical approach to paper cutouts.

peter callesen 2 Peter Callesen gets a little more complex with his cutouts.

peter callesen 1 Peter Callesen raises the dead from their paper graves.

brian dettmer 2 Brian Dettmer shows his appreciation for dictionaries once again.

simon schubert Simon Schubert manages to create depth in a flat piece of paper.

jen stark Jen Stark creates wonderful vortexes of color with paper.

bovey lee 2 Bovey Lee gets down to the nitty gritty with her detailed cutouts.

Ingrid Siliakis Ingrid Siliakus constructs exquisite paper architecture.

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