Jeff Sonhouse

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Jeff Sonhouse creates the most tripped out jester-saint psychedelic pimps who are all standing on the verge of getting it on. Fly tinted shades, canary top hats, tight pin stripes, righteous afros, bow ties, fox pelt stoles…you get the idea!

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  • Amir

    I tried to interview him a while back and i was informed by his NYC gallery that there was a 3 month wait to get a hold of him. Not sure if it was just the gallery that was being obnoxious or if Jeff is a bit “too cool for school” but we passed on the article.
    No time for prima donna’s in B/D land.

  • Oh man, ART STAR

  • It’s hard out there for a pimp.

  • Weird. A three month wait in NYC? There is no such thing. Nobody waits three months for anything here. Are you kidding me? Hearing this kinda bums me out because this work is the first I’ve seen in a while where I actually wanted to learn more about the artist. I really love the images posted here and want to know more.

  • yeah seriously, saying no outright is so much more respectful than lying about some insane wait. you would think that someone who paints pimps in clown make-up would be at least mildly down to earth

  • jeff sonhouse

    Cool recognizes cool Amir and your characterization of me was not. I never instructed the staff at the Jack Tilton Gallery to tell anyone who wants to interview me they need to wait three months. Why would you take the liberty in labeling me a PM without knowing if (as you mentioned above) whether or not the gallery was being obnoxious or me being “too cool 4 school”?
    be well,
    jeff sonhouse.

  • Vince L.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff last month in New York at a party for the Armory and let me tell you that this guy talked to me for half an hour about his work, the New York scene and other local artists.
    Jeff is not only an interesting and talented artist but an EXTREMELY humble person. Once you have the pleasure of meeting Jeff you will clearly have the same experience.

    Best of luck

  • Elise White

    I grew up in the neighborhood with Jeff and he is not only humble but real. I am so happy that he has the opportunity to express “us” in a unique and interesting manner. Jeff – Philly awaits!

  • Dmurphy

    I contacted a gallery to chat with Jeff and received a return call from Jeff the very same day and we’ve had a series of productive and good humored conversations via email. It’s sad when folks are so quick to judge an individual based on what someone else says. Amir, has anyone ever misrepresented you?One negative comment by Amir and four different people who don’t know Jeff at all jump on the crusader bandwagon. Let’s do better.

  • Hi Deborah,
    Perhaps it’s the galleries fault but that is exactly why artists should have a better handle of how they are represented. All I can go on is my personal experience.