Nicholas Gazin

Nicholas Gazin

Brookyln based Nicholas Gazin, well equipped with the crass of a seasoned comic artist (and hunter- he writes for VICE magazine and has been working on a series of comic book reviews titled NICK GAZIN’S COMIC BOOK WITCH HUNT), “lives in an anbandoned Polish dentistry shed and calls himself The Toilet Cobra on the internet. His influences include The British Invasion, ska t-shirts (but not ska bands!) and Superman IV. He recently became friends with Napalm Death. Skinheads have commented on the size of his dong.” Needless to say, I am impressed.

Nicholas Gazin

Nicholas Gazin

Nicholas Gazin

Nicholas Gazin

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  • Amir

    i like these except for the fuck la stuff. lets see him make a drawing like that when he’s shoveling snow!

  • I love this kind of stuff, his blog and vice blog have a lot of good/rare comix stuff too.

    NY is getting a complex about LA.

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  • awesome stuff!

  • Thanks for mentioning me. I have the first eight or so issues of the magazine.

    The Fuck LA drawings were for a show at Giant Robot in LA. I don’t hate the place but I do see it as a lonely and inefficient city that encourages isolation and has awful bars.

    When am I going to be in the magazine proper?

  • Dv

    Crass isn’t a noun

  • Amir

    Hey Nicholas,
    The trick with LA is that you have to live here for more than a year. I’m originally from the east coast and I hated the idea of moving here. The first year i hated it. Then I slowly realized it was the best place on earth. I mean yes we do have lame areas (read all of hollywood) but there’s something to be said for having a back yard, good job opportunities and wearing shorts in january!

    We’ll keep you post on the print pub. we like your work!

  • Here’s what I like about LA.

    1. Disneyland
    2. Amoeba
    3. The Smell
    4. Jumbo’s Clown Room
    5. In-And-Out
    6. weather
    7. tacos
    8. Museum of Jurassic Technology
    9. Kitchy sign art
    10. David Lynch nightmare quality of the city

    Things I don’t like:

    1 Bars suck
    2 Bars close to early
    3 No good public transportation
    4 traffic
    5 porkpie hats
    6 You have to put more thought and work into hanging out and then you can’t do it as hard.

    Woo. I’ve wanted to be in the mag since I saw Rotgut in there and went through a brief and awful graffiti phase.

  • to be fair, i havent seen porkpie hats in a while. except for my neighbor who wears one to work every morning… not making that up

  • Yeah, me neither, except every dude hangin’ in shitty bars in Hollywood

  • I had to google “porkpie hats”.

  • It’s the Justin Timberlake hat or the rudeboy hat.

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