K.C. Collins


Colorful worlds with solitary houses by artist K.C. Collins, sit perched on towering tree stumps, in vast and lone surreal plains.


If you like funny looking faces, then you’re gonna love what P.Williams has going on. A little bit of Crumb mixed with some Barry McGee, throw in some Spongebob Squarepants and we’re starting to get a little bit closer. Great selective use of color and text too, it looks like this guy fills up an entire sketchbook every week!

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Porous Walker


Porous Walker‘s “LOST” is simply hilarious, truthful and yeah, a bit sad. Through this incredibly annoying economy many people, not only in America, but around the world have found themselves in the situation depicted in this flyer. Let’s cheer up and hope that this year will bring lots of goodies to everyone, especially, you know, those with no jobs.

Daniel K Sparkes

Daniel K Sparkes, mixed media

Daniel K Sparkes started his career in the British street art scene since the 2000s. His work is a juxtaposition of photographs, paintings and drawings that combined depict burlesque portraiture, illustrations and landscape. As if eaten alive, the portraits remain anonymous and faceless, yet there is plenty detail where the face or limbs should have been. These faceless and limbless portraitures are playful, disturbing and interesting, especially when done in large scale, as example of some of his murals.

Sean Freeman / THERE IS

Sean Freeman / There Is
Slick typography, illustration and design work by Sean Freeman, the brains behind THERE IS, a design studio out of the UK. Apparently this guy loves to experiment with out of the ordinary materials, including acrylic paint mixed with hair gel, powder, milk, and smoke. His attention to detail is extremely precise, so it’s no surprise his client list includes names like Nike and VH1… basically he’s killing it.

Awesome Video Of The Day: Vanishing Point


Fun video full of morphing geometry. By Japanese designer Takuya Hosogane for Bonsajo.

Robin Rhode

Robin Rhode
Calling Robin Rhode a ‘street artist’ is a bit misleading. It just so happens that most of his art is made in the street, but this multidisciplinary artist makes his mark in a variety of ways. Much of his work is performance based, not in the traditional sense, but rather through a process in which he acts in a 3D space and at the same time utilizes the illusion of a drawn object… and then the entire process is photographed, leaving the viewer with a consolidated mixture of mediums, spaces, forms and ideas.

Nicholas Gazin

Nicholas Gazin

Brookyln based Nicholas Gazin, well equipped with the crass of a seasoned comic artist (and hunter- he writes for VICE magazine and has been working on a series of comic book reviews titled NICK GAZIN’S COMIC BOOK WITCH HUNT), “lives in an anbandoned Polish dentistry shed and calls himself The Toilet Cobra on the internet. His influences include The British Invasion, ska t-shirts (but not ska bands!) and Superman IV. He recently became friends with Napalm Death. Skinheads have commented on the size of his dong.” Needless to say, I am impressed.