Awesome Video Of The Day: Spiritual Synthesis


It’s another Monday and my head is a bit foggy. Everytime I close my eyes this video plays inside my head. I wonder what it means? Video by Graham Dorey , Music by Prince Rama of Ayodhya .

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  • natalie

    it means your a robot. lol. way cool video.

  • Amir


  • Killb0y Powerhead

    I think it means you have some DMT running through your brain if you see this every time you close your eyes.

  • Amir

    Say it ain’t so Killboy, say it ain’t so!

  • natalie

    i hope that one day life will look like this with my eyes open. that would be dope. AMIR i was just playing. lol.

  • Amir

    in the future everything will look like this. I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing haha!

  • Graham

    Thanks for featuring my video. You’ve helped the views to increase substantially!

  • Amir

    no problem graham! Our pleasure.