Hasan Elahi Gets Naked

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Well, not literally, but in Hasan Elahi’s project, “Tracking Transience,” he lays bare an almost overwhelming amount of personal information on the internet. Inspired by an intensive FBI investigation (brought on by false accusations of a misinformed neighnor), Elahi records and makes available everything from his exact whereabouts in the world via Google maps, his bank statements & history, photographs of every meal he eats on planes, etc. The result is a Kafka-esque experiment that examines a post 9/11 Orwellian world with a kind of depressing humor. Elahi’s excercise in self-disclosure seems both dangerous in its honesty, but also symbolic of our information-overload and the question of privacy in the digital age.

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  • http://paintallica.com Bill

    I just hope he doesn’t give someone in government with no sense of irony a “good idea.”

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  • lauren

    i love this.

  • Amir

    I love it too Lauren!

  • http://www.sashamlee.com Sasha

    Does anyone find themselves combing through his bank statements, drink choices, whereabouts mining for info? Sadly I must be nosy, cause I totally do! (or is it human nature when presented with someones “diary” of sorts?)