Fernando Rodriguez

Fernando Rodriguez You Hurt MeCan somebody say juicy?  Fernando Rodriguez has some sizzling designs.  Can you see the hidden message in the above image? I’ll give you 5 seconds. Give up? “You Hurt Me”… Oh, but it hurts so good.  I am loving this clean deliciousness coming out of Spain. 

Fernando Rodriguez Dirty Anita africans with mainframes color 7 Fernando Rodriguez Highest of the Skies

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  • david

    ATTENTION! RIP-OFF ALARM! this really really really looks like Alex Trochut’s work… is it a rip-off? or this Fernando Rodrigues is an alias of Alex Trochut? http://www.alextrochut.com/

  • Fernando Rodriguez

    yes, I explain on my website that is based on work by Alex Trochut.

    I did learn the technique and process. Only to learn

  • Sam

    Nice organic pattern on the first picture.

  • What can i say… Looks like an Alex Trochut rip-off, and it ain’t better. I can’t see what could be the motivation to do something that facsimile.
    Anyway, as you say, you can now do better stuff… Keep us updated with new work.

  • Its funny you say that David. When I went to Alex’s site the first image looks very similar to Jason Holley’s work. Or you might say, “ripped” from Holley’s work.

    I don’t know what art would be with out being influenced by others.

  • again, i think its ridiculous to pick one image out of a bunch and then say that someone is ripping someone off. the fact that he MENTIONS IT HIMSELF on his website just shows that your on the ball with name calling but too lazy to look at the work in its intended setting.