Jed Heuer

Jed Huer portfolio-1

Jed Heuer, a Graphic Designer, typographer and illustrator from New York sent us a really awesome portfolio in the form of a newspaper. This newspaper contains his most recent studio design work. I find his designs very intuitive and his typographic work very dynamic. Check out his website for more details on his studio projects.

Jed Huer portfolio-3

Jed Huer portfolio-4
Jed Huer portfolio-9

Jed Huer portfolio-8

Jed Huer portfolio-7

Jed Huer portfolio-6

Jed Huer portfolio-5

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  • Trillion is the new billion…brilliant!

  • I received a copy of Mr. Heuer’s portfolio newspaper and was extremely impressed by the design and originality, and find his wit refreshing. Well done Sir.