William Lamson

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I know. Anyone can string banana-hostages to a perfectly innocent tree; the gesture is simple enough, but who ever would’ve thought to do this? The playfulness, exuberance and creativity in William Lamson’s little “interventions” make you reconsider space, how we interact with it, and how we see the world. I just imagine attempting to climb to the top of these slippery slapstick yellow rungs only to discover what I’m dealing with is not a playstructure tree but…bananas. And if that’s not enough, check out the vid after the jump that shows the artist in a Hell-raiser style mask, made entirely of bananas with dynamite wicks on the end. One by one he lights them, causing them to explode in Chiquita’s ultimate pimple/fruit popping extravaganza.

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  • http://thestachelife.com Mike

    that ladder is bananas.

  • http://www.spencerockwell.com Spencer

    goofy to the max

  • http://thamuteone.blogspot.com/ ThAMuTEOnE

    iF ONLY iT WaS LiKE THiS iN ReALiTY .!!!

  • http://sashamlee.com Sasha

    I know right? I wish his sculptures were everywhere! totz goofz 2 he max

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