Rachel Niffenegger


The faces that Rachel Niffenegger paints are seductive.  A couple of her inspirations are “an obsession for gross out humor and imaginings of fantastical death scenes.”  Her combination of a beautiful palette with zombiesque ghost portraiture works.  You could hang one of these over your couch, and when your family visits – they might not even notice you had a screaming skull from hell suspended in the air over them.


Rachel’s in a bunch of shows:  The Volta Fair via Imperfect Articles in NYC, Western Exhibitions in Chicago opening May 7th, and Ceri Hand in the UK in June.


Rachel has a blog.



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  • Amir

    wow these are amazing. My entire living room is filled with “gross out” art. I have no problems with hanging dead heads in there. I’d like to know what they are painted with. they look mixed media but the paint trickery looks really interesting.

  • i think its mostly watercolor, but i know she mentioned candle ash, evaporation, and spray paint too.

  • Muffin

    These are awesome, I love the colors!

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