Swedish Fabric Design


When I visited Sweden, one of the things that first struck me was that everyone’s apartments, houses, and public spaces seemed beautifully designed, in this contemporary, bright, cheery and somewhat 50’s/60’s Mr. Men kind of way. There’s a vibe in the air that encourages a similar stlye of living- they do have the highest standard of living in the world. I completely fell in love with this sensibility, the bright and airy floral curtains, vibrant and playful placemats….making your space a joyful one. (Maybe ’cause it’s so cold in the winter.) Ahh, Sweden. Take the wallpaper above, inspired by “an idea to pattern a porcelain mug with crystal glasses and so make it fine for serving celebratory drinks.” Classic! No fuss, just simple, iconcally graphic depictions that encourage you to drink champagne from a mug- you can still live elegantly while avoiding pretension by trying something new! Move over IKEA- check out these lovely designs from the Scandinavian Design Center.





SwedishFabricDesign SwedishDesign2

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  • Love that photo of the family!
    Nice post.

  • Muffin

    The Elephant and Bird is so cute:))

  • Awwww thanks guys! Did you notice in the family one even the waffles are heart shaped? The elephant and bird isss so cute….Swedes also have the cutest stuff for their kids!!

  • These are great,
    I love Marimekko and Finnish design!

  • Amir

    yes finnish design is the best.

  • annam

    yes, indeed, some of these designs are Marimekko’s and they are FINNISH, not swedish!