Grr….We’ll Miss you, Gladys!

Sasha: Gladys Rodriguez won my heart when she gave Mr. Zigglez a knitted sweater, with a hoodie and fur. He really looked like a sensitive little guy in it. In a good way. However, puppy clothes aside, Gladys is also an amazing designer who has contributed above and beyond to B/D in the last 3 months. I remember in her interview I was particularly struck by one of her advertisements for a new phone that basically positioned the phone as a sensual soul-mate. I mean, what woman doesn’t want a sexy man(/phone) presented to you on beds of luscious crimson silk, or eagerly awaiting tucked inside a box of decadent chocolates. Genius! Gladys, we’ll REALLY miss your help. I kind of won’t miss your keyboard with Hello Kitty stickers blocking all the letters and number though. Too hard to use. JK! Thanks again!

Fei: PS, You’re leaving too soon…I just started to master your keypad & the laptop track pad! Gladys, please keep us updated with what you’re doing, come by in a UHAUL art gallery if you do that again!





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  • Gladys

    Aww~ thanks guys!! You all are too “CUTE” (hint: Fei)

    It was a really awesome experience to work with you guys. B/D is such an awesome company. I enjoyed working with everybody and I learned a lot. Thanks to Amir for giving me the chance to work there and being really supportive of the work I designed for B/D.

    I’m gonna miss calling Fei twice because she has her headphones on, showing her a new pair of glasses or set of shiny Japanese stickers every week~

    I’m also gonna miss “Excel-wizard-voice-impersonator-the-Ziggs’-mother-chilli-eating-rockstar” Sasha for dropping me off at the train station~

    And I am “oh-so” gonna miss the little puppy dude Ziggy, who acts like a cat most of the time, but he’s usually too cool for anybody. Specially when he’s having a romance with his “sweater-rug-toy-thing”.

    To all of you, we will definitely cross paths again. Let the awesomeness at B/D keep rocking L.A.!


    P.S.- This post has probably the best “tag” I’ve seen~ HA!