Interview with Videos Collide artist Wojciech Kosma

Wojciech Kosma

Performing "Wait"

Last but not least is Polish artist Wojciech Kosma who spent took some birthday shots with us last Friday. Wojciech lives between Berlin and London, working between art and composition. His artworks and performances are often spatial, sonic, obliquely interactive and poetic, creating speculative aesthetic interventions and oft times deal with pain and endurance: how long an audience can extend their short attention span to “endure” an image that does not change drastically, how long a female performer could perform the act of oral sex on a microphone, or how to “Count down and come or fail to come on one.” Wojciech’s answers were brief but to the point, you can check a more in-depth interview by Johanna Reed (who performed his piece Friday night).

First off, let’s start with a survey. There’s a lot of terms floating around that describe the ballpark of your media (video / performance art). In 4 words or less, describe in your own words what it is you think you do. How much is “video” and how much is “performance”?

Everything performance, nothing video.

How did you come to focus on your current medium/media? What’s motivating you?

The joy of doing it.

Your collective works all have different levels of audience interaction. What is the relationship between you and the viewer? What’s the difference between the LIVE viewer and the viewer behind the screen? What sort of role does the two you play in relation to the other? Do you think there is ever a chance that documentation will ever take over live performance? Btw, HOW important / successful do you think documentation is in bringing your performance to the audience that isn’t physically present? Okay, I realize this is definitely several questions crammed into one.

Documentation is porn, performing is having sex.

Performance art was touted as being more real than other forms of art because the presence of the artist and focus of the artist’s body is actually what gives the impression of “the real”. How scared on you when you get on stage? You’re essentially “naked” in front of your audience, in front of time, and LIVE snafu’s. How does the fear aid in your performance?

I don’t perform my pieces, but maybe fear is important.

Where do your characters come from?

From whatever is missing from everything else.

How closely do you think what you do is connected to technology?


What do you think about the idea of “rehashing” art?


And of course, what do you think about the current & future internet? Do you think it holds the fate of mankind in it’s web?

Internet is boring.

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  • MJSG

    “Documentation is porn, performing is having sex.”
    very very very well-put