Sausage Party Facebook App

Sausage Party

New project Sausage Party by Aaron Meyers looks at your upcoming Facebook events and rigorously assesses their respective male attendance ratings on a 0 to 5 sausage scale. In my case “Ready For The House” (LA artist Ben Bigelow’s house warming) rates a whopping five on the Sausage scale (perfect Sausage score)! First I’ve seen since I’ve been on the site! This way you can gauge and plan your nightly social agenda accordingly. Thank you Aaron, for bringing us such an awesome way of connecting with Facebook and the sausage of the world.

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  • MJSG

    so funny. and true

  • http://none Shannon

    this is a ben bigelow party and frankly those sausages are not big enough

  • Havisham Patrizzi

    So, what is the female version of this… Open Buns w/o Kraut?

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  • blueheather

    you guys are fucking retarded and la artist my ass

    ( ) ) ========D~