Guerrero Gallery


With a fabulous inaugural exhibition under his belt, Andres Guerrero prepares to unleash another round of seriously fly to look at pieces tonight @ Guerrero Gallery! Just look at this handsome lineup he’s assembled; Adam Wallacavage, Albert Reyes, Alexis Mackenzie, Andy Diaz Hope, Brian Cooper, Chris Yormick, Cody Hoyt, Cody Hudson (above), Frohawk Two-Feathers, Greg Lamarche, Jacob Whibley, James Hopkins, James Marshall, Jay Howell, Jon Bocksel, KC Ortiz, Kelsey Brookes, Michael Rea, Michael Swaney, Mike Davis, Ryan Jaenke, Scott Anderson, Ted Pushinsky. Preview images below…..

gal_works_752_PottedPlant_30inx30in_800.72Cody Hoyt

gal_works_754_Afreestate.72Scott Anderson

gal_works_712_Transcend_the_Finite.72Brian Cooper


gal_works_707_sword2.72Mike Rea !

gal_works_718_perform_collageonpanel_15.7inx19.7_72Michael Swaney

gal_works_730_Ortiz_hmong_11_F8.72KC Ortiz

gal_works_742_untitled12inx12in.72James Marshall (Dalek)

gal_works_748_red_(no_remarks_in_6560)_7.75inx5.25in_300_72Jacob Whibley

gal_works_761_Jon_Bocksel_Three_Sided_Story.72Jon Bocksel


MG_9671.JPGAndy Diaz Hope (amazing)



if you are in SF tonight, check this out.

“Recognize Game”

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  • SO SICK!!!! Andres is KILLING IT!!!

  • What work, love it. Jon Bocksel’s got my vote. loving that cube…great post!