ffff Los Angeles graffiti artist and painter Cache has a new installation he created in conjunction with the Pedals and Prints, a bicycle art show. His installation depicts his version of a bike shop. 

Cache is a self-taught artist who began by experimenting with graffiti. His art later incorporated bubbly figures and bicycles in which he uses to depict his passion with the community.

“Inspired by such writers as Carlos Castañeda, who describes humans as being “trapped in human chicken coops,” Cache saw how society has been constantly manipulated by corporate logos. As a result, he sought a logo of his own to combat the effects of uniformity, and a censored and diluted media assault on the human psyche. Hence, the Chickens came to life…”

If interested in seeing Cache’s installation, it will be on view through the end of April at Crewest Gallery located at 110 Winston St., Los Angeles, CA  90013.

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