Fawn Fruits

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Fawn Fruits is an illustrator, fine artist and art instructor at Otis College of Art and Design. His illustrations are so unique and beautiful they are hard to ignore.

Fawn Fruits illustrations have been featured in Giant Robot LA and Gallery Nucleus. For more of her work visit her website.

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  • aaron

    Ummm….I’m pretty sure Fawn Fruits is Daniel Lim, a dude. Not a ‘she’.

  • emyli.

    I adore Fawn Fruits’s work!
    …but Fawn Fruits is the work of Daniel Lim, not a “her”, just saying ;P

  • Mary

    Saw her prints before @ inPRNT. Some really wonderful stuff.

  • Amir

    Sorry for the typo! All fixed gang. Thanks for catching it!