Psycho or Sweet Boyfriend?


I’m not sure whether  Brusse’s love based mini-installations make me embarrassed that my boyfriend doesn’t care enough to carve leftover watermelons or mush raw meat patties for a surprise love note, or extremely glad I’m not dating a psychopath who messes with my groceries. I’m sorry, but I almost feel like his work is just  one, tiny non-returned phone call step away from a nasty note keyed into my car and a court-issued restraining order. Am I really that cynical? What’s wrong with some roses and a post-it note on the door? Is re-tiling your entire bathroom ceiling in red and white squares that say “I love you” design faux-pas or grand beaux-arts? What do you think….sweet or sour?

Picture 8 Picture 9 Brusse3 Brusse1

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  • hahah! i saw these the other day and was totally creeped out, especially by the fridge one

  • Heidi

    I agree that this is definitely on the border of completely creepy. The candy on the bed – I find that sweet. But the tiles and the fridge? hmm…

  • I actually think that this work is quite interesting. Yes, it could be seen as cheesy/cliche, but how different is it from other artists who work with one consistent theme through their work? It is also very interesting that he in some cases uses materials that will rot over time, perhaps he is commenting on our society’s inability to commit to love or commit to one person?

  • well according to the bio on the website he broke up with his girlfriend in 2009, so I’m gonna go with creepy.

  • Fei

    I’m jealous. Creepy is so cool.

  • Ha! Poor dude. Maybe he needs to star in a miranda july movie and wear a hoodie and cry the whole time.

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