Studio Visit: Ryan Schneider

ryan schneider top imageRyan Schneider was making some cool paintings when I stopped by his studio.

rs woman rain

Ryan has a blog where he does studio visits.

rs nude

One in-progress.

rs self p


rs big room

Ryan said this was a painting of his living room.

rs sorce wall

He was just reviewed by Art in America.

rs drawing beach

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  • Katherine

    Thanks for highlighting his work, Bill and B/D. I am not in art school anymore, so I can just say, “It’s lovely work that I like at first impression and like more as I look at more. I bet it is even better in person. They feel intimate even though they are rather large, and they are large without feeling the need to be macho. They bring to mind 70s book illustrations, patchwork quilts, Richard Diebenkorn, Hundertwasser… I wish I had one of his big landscapes with buildings in it (looked at the Priska Juschka link) in my house as I think they would be nice paintings to live with.

  • Keith Davis

    Ryan Schneider is my new hero!!!!!!!! His work is f@#*ing amazing. I’m inspired and jealous at the same time. My work is shite compared to his.K