10″ Poo Shoes Anyone?


Perhaps Lady Gaga will up the ante on her outlandishly “avante-garde” sartorial sense, and start rocking these ten inch bejeweled and beaded poo poo-shoes- and you thought stilettos were hard to walk in! Or not. As part of a recent exhibition, Tate Britain asked artists from around the world to respond to Chris Ofili’s controversial elephant dung on the The Holy Mary painting that caused a “Sensation” in NYC 15 years ago. UK-based INSA’s contribution? Poo shoes. Is this what the controversy has been reduced to today? Ohmigawd shoez? Looks like it.





Inspiration for INSA...Chris Ofili's paintings?

Inspiration for INSA...Chris Ofili's paintings?


...Or this guys painted poo pellets? Apparently, a combo of both.

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  • http://www.inkstainedhands.com Bill


  • http://sashamlee.com Sasha

    and yet, strangely beautiful….

  • jason

    i like these. if i was a drag queen i wold rock them

  • Amir

    its not too late jason. think of it as a second career.

  • Melanie

    *laughing* looks like someone stepped in poo & applied glitter to it all:}

  • http://www.highrollersociety.co.uk Jennie

    eco-friendly, or just plain wrong?

  • rachel

    feed the elephant glitter pull his noes and BAM u got those shoes xD

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