Peter Cross

Steam Locomotive 1A Peter Cross makes pencil drawings to salivate over, precise and delicate, they bear witness with photographic verisimilitude to times and places that have never existed but seem weirdly deja-vu-ish.   Cross worked for over twenty years as an art handler and then as a registrar in Manhattan galleries.  Much of that time was spent with Leo Castelli, where he worked with artists like Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenburg and Roy Lichtenstein.  When I first got to NYC Peter hired me to install shows, and despite my being nosy and persistent, has always been extremely secretive about his drawings.  I finally got him to email these. Peter doesn’t have a website just yet, so if you want to contact him – leave some way to be reached in the comments section.

Overpass 2B

Water tower

Electric locomotive 12

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  • Just gorgeous! Really, Pete!

  • Maureen Mahony

    Here here Russell!
    Peter, you are damn good with a pencil!
    Stuck between the past and some apocalyptic, post-human (maybe?) landscape these drawings are fantastically eerie.
    Perfect subject matter for graphite.
    I, personally, want to see more.

  • Morgan Spangle

    Beautiful, moody, nostalgic – way to go Peter.

  • Terence

    Absolutely wonderful drawings, immaculate touch. These drawings give you a deep feeling of there being no people within a hundred miles in each scene…Please do more.

  • Jonathan Bundock

    These are fantastic drawings. For me they question the end of industry and illustrate the obsolescence of even the sturdiest symbols of modernity. But beyond that they are simply very engaging.
    Peter, if you are able to contact me, I would dearly like a file or print of the J3 Hudson.
    Thanks for the chance to see your work.