Super Meta-Meta Representations

RobbieAugmainRobbie Augspurger liked his 2 page spread in B/D Book 3 so much, he made this super meta-meta representation of a photo of a photo of a photo of a….wait. Anyway, here is an image of his contribution resting on an amazing Ionic-period Roman column/plinth held by the same people, in the same outfits… in the photo! My future self seriously just went back in time on the most excellent adventure and bogus journey all at once. More images of Book 3 and his spread floating in timeless cosmos and dusty gradient-ridden liminal spaces below.



Robbie Aug1

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  • Completely in LOVE with this post!

  • Ha! Thanks Brion!

  • Sasha, here’s how much I am in LOVE with this post…

  • Ha you rock! That’s awesome. You should make a sculpture of yourself and put it in a collage and take a photo with the college then…..

  • Amir

    Robbie this is awesome! We need that framed for our office!

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  • Amir, I can hook you up with that, big time

  • Once we frame it can you pay a visit to the office so we can take a photo of you holding your spread in front of it?

  • Amir

    lets make it happen!

  • that would be pretty sweet! I hope to make it down to L.A. sometime, just so I can then eventually “Escape From L.A.”, and visit shooting locations for the movie “Samurai Cop”.