Food Art: Part 1


Nir Adar, "Octopussy", 2005

Beautiful/Decay decided to do a three-part series of posts on artists who never listened to their mother’s advice….. not to play with their food! Food itself is an art form, its creation and consumption can be as much a feast for the senses and expression of emotion as any other type of creation. However, this collection of artists were not merely seeking to create a meal (in fact most of these works should be regarded as wholly inedible). In experimenting with squishing, flinging, melting, and otherwise manipulating food in all manners of ways, these artists were able to use food as a medium to comment about everything: from rising levels of obesity, to our perceptions of ethnicity and class. Read on to check out our first three artists!


Nir Adar, "Fries and Ketchup", 2004



Nir Adar, "Octopussy", 2005


Nir Adar, "Boullibias", 2004

Nir Adar

New York food stylist, chef, and artist Nir Adar began his journey into the art world as a chef, before moving into food styling when he began showing in galleries. His 2004 installation, “Deliciously Disgusting,” was intended to provoke concern for the way we feed ourselves by taking convenience food staples and flattening them to reveal every hidden calorie. However, most of Adar’s other works look more positively on food, and are distinguished by a minimalism that highlights the beauty of their forms.


Cosimo Cavallaro, "I WAS HERE", 2009


Cosimo Cavallaro, "I WAS HERE", 2009


Cosimo Cavallaro, "I WAS HERE", 2009

Cosimo Cavallaro

Cosimo Cavallaro‘s start in the movie business could have contributed to the theatricality of his works. He has also produced several installations which prominently feature edible products, though few could be said to look appetizing. His food creations have ranged from a room covered in melted cheese to beds filled with ham. His most recent work, “I WAS HERE,” is a performance piece which, at first glance, seems to be a bloody, disgusting scene straight out of a horror film. Upon closer examination, it turns out that he covered his apartment from floor to ceiling in….ketchup.


Filippo Ioco, "Vanilla Chocolate", 2006


Filippo Ioco, "Chocolate Heaven", 2006


Filippo Ioco, "Chocolate Sunday", 2006

Filippo Ioco

Artist Filippo Ioco is best known for his body painting:  taking nude models and dressing them in inks. In his series “Fun Foods,” Ioco combines pictures of delectable edibles with models painted to become a part of the food. At first glance, the images above look like simple sweet treats, but take a second look- their bodies are almost imperceptible at first. Though some of the pictures are of vegetables and burgers, most of Ioco’s “fun foods” are sweets, perhaps alluding to the lust associated with both decadent treats and the naked body.

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