Justin Bua Disses Robert Rauschenberg!

I thought long and hard about whether I should post this but even after a good nights sleep i’m still angered by this video. If you’re not familiar with Justin Bua he is an illustrator primarily focusing on urban imageries of dj’s, breakdancers, and other various hip-hop related imagery. What do we think of his work? Well lets just say you won’t find him featured in B/D anytime soon. But I digress.


Apparently Ovation TV game him a tv show where he gets to rattle off his opinions about all sorts of artists. The above video shows Bua questioning the legitimacy of Robert Ruaschenberg (one of the biggest and most influential artists of all time). This is absurd on so many levels that I don’t know where to start. For starters what the hell does Justin Bua know about art? He makes tacky posters that are suited for Spencers Gift shops, not legitimate galleries. Then there is the fact that he holds no degrees in art history or art criticism. He managed to graduate from Art Center with a BFA in illustration but I guess he must have slept through art history 101. How Ovation TV gave him this show is beyond me. Ovation usually does a great job with their arts programming but they made a terrible mistake letting this misguided and uninformed illustrator host a show called American Revolutionaries.

I hate to go off on a rant like this and get negative but the madness has to stop! You can’t mess with Rauschenberg and get away with it! I don’t care how much urban street cred you’ve got.I painted graffiti for well over 12 years and went to more Zulu Nation reunions than I care to admit but even when I was 16 years old I knew Robert Rauschenberg was one of the biggest innovators and contributors to contemporary art. One other sad tidbit in all of this is that Mr. Bua teaches at USC. Yes he actually gets to teach young artists about Rauschenberg’s “Innovative Mind Trickery!” It’s a sad day when you have to pay $56,813 to learn shit like this.

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  • Michael

    The title of this post is misleading, I hardly consider this little snippet of a video a diss. Sounds more like his own personal thoughts on modern art . I think you took it personal because you don’t agree with (his) views on modern art or history. You have every right to disagree, but really your the one dissing him.

  • Amir

    He compared Rauschenberg’s groundbreaking artworks to his daughters pile of toys. If that’s not a diss I’m not sure what is. It’s not like Rauschenberg is some little artist making work in obscurity. He is universally regarded as one of the greats. Also Bua has no real valid opinions on why he thinks Rauschenberg’s work is not art. It’s all just mumbled bs that he can’t back up with any real dialogue. You’re right I am dissing Bua. I’m dissing him for being so uninformed and yet having some sort of voice/influence on the next generation of artists. What is he going to say next? That Duchamp was just a lazy plumber?

  • Well I guess for a dude to be making art work like his, he would have to have views like that.

  • Michelle

    Bua’s attitude amounts to cultural laziness. If something isn’t readily understandable or if it is somehow challenging or unexpected, the easier thing to do is just not to like it. It requires so much more effort to research why Rauschenberg’s work is relevant in the context of art history than to just decide it sucks. Once you gain historical perspective you may still decide you don’t like the way his work functions visually, but you would understand why his ideas were so influential and important at the time. I do think it’s especially scary to have an educator who is undereducated.

  • The problem here is larger. There is an umbrella of ignorance in America. Stephen Colbert nailed it on the head when he came out with his “I listen to my gut” routine. Who needs a brain, right? In this country, you don’t need an education to have a t.v. show, especially a reality t.v. show. The fact that this guy is an educator is ironic. Producers at Ovation might as well hold up flash cards of famous paintings and he can just respond with comments like “whack” “thats hot” “nah son”. But Amir, isn’t that how we do things in America? Watch any 24 hr news channel. They give a headline and then three- sometimes random people, get to comment about how they feel about that headline. That seems to be our future. Ray Bradbury knew this in the 50’s. One day we will be only hedonistic anti intellectuals and the job of a fireman will be to burn books. Is that not exactly what is going on now with Bua?

  • Amir

    Well said Michelle!

  • Michael

    I thought of that comment as an over simplification of modern/concept. Perhaps his beef is that concept art gets more praise and hype than traditional art. I can understand why someone who spends hours on painting is upset that art that looks like a random grouping of found objects commands such praise and a hefty price tag to boot. People’s perception of art is often not their own and art dealers capitalize on this to make money and to “inform” the people what constitutes good art. I’d hope that young artists and people would take the time to figure out for themselves what art means to them and not depend solely on others opinions and prejudices. When and if art stops being viewed as just another commodity then maybe everybody will benefit from others self expression and see that we are all creative. It is sad that a large percentage of people aren’t thinking for themselves nowadays.

  • Scott

    Clearly, Bau is simply an idiot and should be ignored. He sounds like my worst students. What a dipshit.

  • Scott

    Would help my case if I actually spelled his name right…BUA

  • Robert Rauschenberg is & was one of the most original and genuine figures of 20th century American art, period. A one time outsider who made his mark and changed the fate of art. Without him, would there have been a Warhol? Maybe not.

    I can honestly say that he is one of the people that most opened my eyes and mind about art for the better. From having been blessed with the opportunity to hear him speak at the San Francisco Art Institute while I was a student there, I can also ad that he was also a humble and funny man with great insight and talent.

    I’d say BUA is the Thomas Kinkade of graffiti, but that would actually be an insult to the later. Btw, what’s up with the all caps for a name? Major ego? Not deserved.

  • Fei

    “As part of ArtWalk 2010, Los Angeles County Museum of Art MUSE is proud to present one of the most important artists of our era- Justin BUA.”

  • truthfully, i can fully understand a good portion of the world not understanding or caring about rauschenberg. i mean, im not all that clear on what the secretary of the treasury does or how a car engine works, so i can forgive people writing off the assemblage work as literal piles of garbage…as frustrating as that is.
    what i find more confusing is how this guy is getting any recognition for anything. even within the realm of art that he seems to be working in, his paintings are not good. i mean, like not even rendered in an appealing or impressive way. plus, you can go down to venice beach and watch about 50 guys painting this same nonsense for tourists.
    is it just crazy PR?

  • Amir

    Well he does have a pr rep for sure. I’ve gotten emails from them in the past.

  • Jessica L

    Bua’s opinions on contemporary art are better left to advising Chris Daughtry as to which one of his “neo jazzy hip hop” illustrations should hang over the billiard table.

    It’s honestly shocking to hear someone who is a professor make these uninformed/ignorant statements. It’s embarrassing to hear him spew such mindless blather.

    It’s not a matter of not liking Rauschenberg’s work, educated dissent is a good thing. But this is not educated, not by a long shot.

  • sarah

    I saw some other video clips where he was questioning the integrity of artists like Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol, and Murakami because their work is mediated through their assistants.

    I think the problem here is that Ovation has given an illustrator a platform to comment on contemporary fine art. They are two different types of creative practices – the fine art world is progressive, intellectual, and often conceptual and the illustration world is commercial and somewhat traditional. Although there are many illustrators making work that is influenced by fine art, it is really difficult to successfully bridge from one market to the other. This show would be much more interesting if Ovation chose a young emerging artist fresh out of an mfa program to talk about contemporary art in historical context. An illustrator who isn’t even active or present in the illustration world critiquing contemporary works of art is pretty much irrelevant.

  • Amir

    Sarah I fully agree with you. Obviously Ovation didn’t do their homework OR they think that this will get them ratings. Either way it’s sad that this guy gets to rant like this and try to influence peoples opinions. I’m seriously thinking about starting a “I bet I can find 100,000 people who want Justin Bua to shut up” facebook page. Who’s with me?

  • ‘I’d say BUA is the Thomas Kinkade of graffiti’

    OUCH! But that made me laugh for real. His posturing is very obvious, I hope, to most people.

  • RRR

    I’ve been a student in Bua’s drawing classes for years. He’s the only teacher at USC (and plenty other colleges I’ve taken classes at for that matter) that I’ve ever learned any real skill from. He knows a TON of art history, so much its actually crazy. I can guarantee he could out-art-history and out-draw anyone in this discussion.

  • Please, please, please say that FEI’s post is pure sarcasm, please.

  • Thomas

    I had the fortunate/unfortunate experience of sitting next to Bua at a drawing workshop some years ago at one of the greatest draftsmen alive Gregory Weir-Quiton. It was fortunate because I got to see Bua’s life drawing which looked like a contemporary funky version of an Egon Schiele drawing. Bua’s drawings were very raw and truthful. The unfortunate thing was that my drawings paled in comparison to his 🙂 Bua was very humble and actually took some time out to assist me when I asked a question.

    I didn’t get that Bua was ridiculing Rauchenberg in this post as much as commentating on the current state of affairs in the modern art world. I recently saw the painting he did of the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar, one of Bua’s friends, and found it to be a great inspiring painting. Not illustration at all quite a moving and beautiful depiction of Harlem life.

    I have to say that not only do I disagree with this post, but I find Bua to be a very important artist and a great truthful contributor to the current art world.


  • i know what to get you for your birthday Amir.

  • I think if this dude needs to read “After the End of Art” it might help him out. But he is probably to weary of “mind trickery” to ever pick up a book.

  • RRR, please, by all means bring Bua into the debate. His PR firm allegedly wants to get him on B/D and is there such a thing as bad publicity? That said, let me add one small comment: as a person from a mixed community, including many people of color, as a former resident of Harlem (a neighborhood that helped found hip hop, a neighborhood that Bua mentions in the above video) it depresses me, as a person with a Puerto Rican mother, that people of color, people from what would be “the hip hop community” i.e. black neighborhoods, always come across like this. Throwing up deuces in photos like seen above. C’mon man… We all know this kid. He was the one in art school whose thesis centered around Puerto Rican flags, girls with big booties, and turntables. Thats whats most disturbing I guess about Bua’s work. It is, at its core, high school work. And for a grown man to make high school artwork, and then run his mouth about people that helped bring about a paradigm shift, thus changing the world visually, so that Bua himself could create some homie with lanky arms scratching records, boggles my mind just a bit.

  • Rory Dean

    I am so glad Justin Bua’s show is not available in Canada. However “LA Ink” is and I hope to see him make a guest appearance there, discussing Art with that man in drag Kat Von Dee. That being said I personally don’t see anything wrong with bashing Rauschenburg or anyone else. I saw a Rauschenburg restrospective at the MET and I have to admit it was not so good. It was boring, dusty and frankily I thought it did look like shit. It didnt hurt Rauschenburgs career, having Leo Castelli as your dealer and living in New York in the 1960’s. His work nor should anyone else’s work be too sacred to either criticize or shoot your mouth off about. Don’t let it be for any other reason then its being fun to do. I am guessing there isn’t an art teacher in the world that didn’t jam down there student’s throat the importance of Lucian Freud and Gerhard Richter and I hate them both for that reason and that reason alone. Coldplay sucks and I think Bono is a fag yet there are those that call them great artists. Shooting your mouth off about art and artists is part of the whole fun I do it all the time and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it. Just because someone says its good and historically significant doesnt necessarily mean its true. Now Amir I can tell you think Bua is a retard I do too. I hope I never meet him and I think his work is horrendous.His career will never, never be in discussion with Rauschenburg’s because Bua doesn’t even make art. Listening to him is like listening to the guy who got cut from his high school basketball team saying Kobe Byrant sucks. But this is true for almost everyone, 99%of us will never fucking matter don’t take away the fun of saying artists like Paul Klee, Kandinsky, Jasper Johns, Picasso and Klimt (just to name a few off the top of my head) and a thousand other artists can lick my balls. Haha please.

  • Amir

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for joining the debate. I wasn’t saying that Bua was ridiculing Rauschenberg or that he isn’t allowed to. Of course you can have your opinions. It’s a free country. I just find it bizarre that an illustrator is chosen to host a show that is about to inform you on modern art. Frankly he doesn’t have the credentials to do such a thing. If he had some valid reasons for his opinions i’d humor them but obviously his understanding of Rauschenberg’s work or other contemporary artists is superficial and barely addresses the basics of what art is and isn’t. If you’re going to criticize someone as legitimate as Robert Rauschenberg you better have something real to say.

    RRR, I can appreciate that you enjoy having Bua as an instructor. I’m sure he is a great guy and cares about his students. This isn’t my issue with him. This doesn’t mean that I like the idea of someone as uninformed as him teaching young artists about art. Again if he could really back up his thoughts with something that sounded coherent i’d entertain his views. Based on this video there was little thought put into such crazy claims.

    Rory, I can appreciate comedy as much as the next man and don’t usually take things this seriously but I guess I have a soft spot for Rauschenberg. You can think and say whatever you want but this wasn’t a lighthearted convo about art. This is a guy who is on TV and also teaches aspiring artists. He has the right to say his piece and I have the right to call bullshit on lazy art criticism with no backing.

  • Rory Dean

    Amir your last comments are in my opinion are spot on and I totally and completely agree with you. And I would just like to finish by saying that, that guy is a moron.

  • James

    To Mr. Amir,

    I am a regular reader of your magazine and I am a bit taken aback by this post. I really like your artists a lot and I think that Justin Bua’s works should be considered in high regard.

    Bua’s work is passionate, vibrant and speaks to the people. As a black man and ex LA gang member, coming from what some would consider “the hood” there have been many times that Bua’s work has saved me from getting into trouble and staying off the streets. I have changed my life around a lot lately to say the least. One reason is that I paint and draw everyday as a meditation and copy master paintings from Titian, Van Gogh, Ernie Barnes to Bua. Bua’s work speaks to me. I don’t care that he doesn’t have an MFA or a degree. His work is how i have transformed my life. Street life but in a positive way. He paints what I think of urban culture–DJ’s, celebration on the streets, Jazz musicians playing from their hearts. I love it. I agree with the father of hip hop Kool Herc when he said, “real recognize real. ” Speaking on Bua’s art.

    Mr. Amir I ask you to reconsider your harsh words and take a second look at Bua’s works. They mean a lot to me and I hope you can see what I see.

    Thank you for reading this.

  • Michael

    It seems that he is refereeing to his own opinion of Rauschenberg. I believe artists should be allowed to be inspired or even dislike certain aspects of the art world. How will we evolve as artists without being critical of the art world?
    Justin Bua has a large fan base and inspires many people with his art including myself. Ovation recognizes him as a leader to many young artists. If his work is making people of all ages run to the drawing board, then he is a leader worth listening to. Obviously his comments on Rauschenberg’s work are an opinion that Ovation feels that his Fans may want to hear. I don’t believe he deserves to be attacked in any way for an opinion that the network probably asked him to give. His work Is fun and full of color with great depth and passion. Quite honestly I think his work is brilliant!
    BTW I looked up your work Amir and I can see how Rauschenberg inspired you, which is great for you and maybe you sell a lot of work, but I must say that your artwork isn’t very original at all. I think you should take a break from writing rude emails bashing someone with a large creative imagination and go back to school and ask them why they gave you an MFA?

  • Amir

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the input on both the post and my personal work! I appreciate your views on Bua’s personal art but that’s not my bone of contention. If you like his work then more power to you. I’m not one to tell you what you should or shouldn’t like, buy, or support. I agree that EVERYONE should have the right to express their views and opinions. However I think that if you’re going to post your views publicly then you should be able to back them up in an intelligent fashion. With this said i’d like for Bua, you, or anyone else explain to me why Bua’s opinions are valid. If you or him can prove this in a clear manner and put your thoughts in any sort of art historical context i’d be glad to shut up. Until then I’m standing by my post.

  • Amir

    Hi James,
    Sorry for the shock but I strongly stand by this post. I’m not telling you or anyone else not to enjoy, support, buy, or like Bua’s work. Again my issue is with his video about Rauschenberg, not his artwork. Also I want to clarify something. When I say Bua is not a credible source for such opinions it has nothing to do with his academic schooling. You can be just as informed by simply reading or looking at art. You don’t need an MFA. My issue is that Bua does not get modern art or Rauschenberg’s relevance. Not one single word of that video was backed up by anything other than his opinion. If you’re going to make a video criticizing one of the greatest artists you need to have some intelligent backing. Unfortunately that video has none.

  • Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper John’s work in the 1950’s was part of what helped break America out of a Clement Greenberg and Abstract Expressionist dominated 1940’s.

    Subsequently, they paved the way* for such 1960’s pop work artists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Warhol and Lichtenstein’s elevation of pop culture and cartoon as subjects of fine art is what makes it possible for Bua to consider himself an artist today.

    Also, does Bua really think he paints like Monet?

    * http://www.sfmoma.org/images/artwork/large/98.296_d02.jpg

  • sarah

    I too have been a student of Justin Bua’s and I still find this whole thing offensive. It has bugged me all day since I read it. I was a fan of Bua’s work prior to my art education. I thought it was ‘cool’ and I thought he was a pretty hip dude. However, I was completely embarrassed when I saw clips of him hosting this show. There is something very inauthentic behind his voice and his gestures that was not present when I took his class. He is not representing himself well as an artist or an educator and quite frankly he is doing a disservice to the audience who is looking to gain some insight about these contemporary artist featured on the show.
    Forget about whether or not his art is good or inspiring, the point is that he is hosting a show about contemporary art and not providing commentary about the work and it’s importance in art history, but rather bashing artists and placing himself above them. OK, maybe it’s debatable whether or not he is actually criticizing Rauschenberg in this clip, but on a different episode he is shown drawing at his desk and makes a direct comparison of his own work to Jeff Koons and makes this outrageous statement about his work being more valid because it’s all drawn by him. That is such a weak argument and just insane. I am failing to understand why he was given this opportunity to show off his ‘brand’ in the name of ‘art criticism’……????

  • Amir

    well said sarah.

  • andrew

    Yes- I want a public apology from this CLOWN as well!!! I can not even believe this guy gets any air time, and now we are sitting here devoting even more energy to this Moron!! But in this case- unfortunately – it has to be called out. We definitely need this fart to leave the room!!!! ASAP!!

  • Poor guy, he’s missing out on so much. He could learn a thing or two from his daughter.

  • Fei

    Dale Dreiling,

    It was pure sarcasm, that’s why it was in quotes, haha. It was also pulled from his website. But actually I don’t really have a strong opinion on the matter- just pointing out there what his self opinion is.

  • Ryan

    Don’t let this go viral. It shouldn’t get attention even to be laughed at.
    Unless he is in charge of public funding for the arts who cares what this guy thinks? Let him and Jerry Brown and Rudy Giuliani have a tea party at Thomas Kindade’s.

  • i like pretty pictures

    tomato TOEmato.. homies got balls for sure but he knew he’d have you all at a gasp spouting off how “learned” you all are.
    i know one things for sure, artist or no artist, im gonna stop to look at buas paintings before i stare at a rauschenberg. ANYDAY. yes he was groundbreaking and taboo FOR HIS TIME but so was the cave paintings and the spork. OLD NEWS and BOOOORING..

    i think what bua is reacting to is the influx of the “easy-way-out” , “get rich quick off bullshit” art history book worms who read more then they paint, no talent having fools that are trying to impress me with a half hours worth of “painting” with found trash from outside with a long story attached behind it, piggy-backing some art historical context so the rich jack-ass who bought it can have a “smarty pants” story to tell while they sip wine and eat cheese and scoff about how theyre the ones who set the bar for the reason anyones even talking about the work to begin with!!.. some people like riddles, some people like pretty pictures. some people like jokes and mind games, some people like great art where u can RESPECT the amount of time and knowledge that went into creating it. .
    lets step it up. rauschenberg (and the likes) was only big at the time for his balls, basically spitting in hitlers face. THATS IT.
    the right place at the right time which was a pivotal one because of assholes like hitler. but thats over and done. its 2010.. the universe is impressive. the sun is impressive, the iphone is impressive!! 20 minutes of someone smearing fecal matter across a stretched canvas (which took longer to make then the art itself) IS NOT IMPRESSIVE..
    and i would pay to see some of you ATTEMPT do the same thing thomas kinkade does!!

    1) Hitler committed suicide in 1945.
    2) Rauschenberg didn’t enroll into Black Mountain College, where he started his studio studies in 1948. His professional career began more so in the early 1950s. His White Paintings were produced in 1951.

  • i like pretty pictures

    lookit the smarty pants..
    lookit how learned and boring the smarty pants taste is.

    im still gonna look at buas paintings before i even remotely consider looking at rauschenbergs white series…smarty pants..

  • I believe there is a pattern arising.

  • i like pretty pictures

    my point ecxacly.. white paintings?!?
    ive got white walls, white underwear, white socks, and a white car that took longer to make then his, white paintings.. old snooty, hoity toity, mister bland over here stares at white paintings..

    why stop there with “reductionism”, lets break it down to the wood fibers and the atoms and carbon molecules that make up the “white paintings”.. cmon daaaale.. thats boooooooooooooring.. for you to bring those up means u invest way too much time into boooooooooring things. id love to see your wife..

    my point is. its 2010. and that stuff is BOOOOOOOOOOORING compared to the guy who can draw the entire city of rome from memory, building for building,window for window.. white series?!?! really?!?

  • i like pretty pictures

    oops.. im sorry dale dry-ling.. you dont have a wife.. silly me. youve got a buncha cats to keep u company in your seedy echo park apartment….and a BFA??!?…. really?!?

    im not a fan of justin bua, but he is the top selling poster artist in the world. your just one of those people who lack the talent and concentration to paint well so u call yourself a fine artist. lots of you posers in echo park and silver lake wandering around showing off your muddy artwork gettin false accolades.

    i could care less about BUA or rauschenberg, alls i know is, theres tons of art out there that was great for its time but BOOORING n. breaking rules, not breaking rules, tight, sloppy, full pallette, monochromatic, WHATEVER. im very grateful for their courage and we owe a lot of gratitude for their freedom of voice and challenging the status quo, BUT.

    otherwise, i could care less about a brillo box, or a white canvas with nothing on it.. i could care less for someones pretentious dada doped artwork made famous by rich snooty dry old tasteless white people who said thall shall not kill but lets make weapons and sellem to the enemy, rape, kill and ravage land that dont belong to ANYONE then sell em the bible and give the “savages” hope while we burn their homes and rape their children so we can talk about white boring paintings and drink sour grapes.

  • Amir

    This discussion is getting very heated, weird, and funny. One thing i’d like to note is that just because one thinks that some art is boring doesn’t mean that it’s not important. The original discussion was never about what one likes or doesn’t like or even what is and isn’t art.


    You completely missed my point in that last post. The intention was for you to understand that Rauschenberg was not fighting Hitler. There is no connection between the two at all. For me to bring them up is for no other reason than to give you a historical time line.

    If you want to talk about boring, let’s talk about Bua.

    If you love graffiti, how can you respect him? Seriously, Dondi White and Mode 2 were on the streets of Europe and the U.S. risking their necks during the late 70’s & early 80’s developing graf & character styles that Bua is now imitating and delivering to you in drab sepia tones and predictable figure poses.

    True, it’s 2010, so ask Bua why he does work that looks like it’s still 1993 at the best.

    Also, if you think Rauschenberg only has one type of painting, then you must have never been to a museum in American that shows 20th century art. If you are by any chance in Los Angeles, you should visit LACMA this weekend.

    Your boy, Bua, is showing some art there (how & why, I don’t know) and you can meet him in person. After you talk about how dope he is, you should go to the BCAM, which is right next door. When you go there, you will get a chance to see Rauschenberg’a work in person. It’s part of the permanent collection, alongside Andy Warhol and Basquiat…two artists which he influenced.

    You don’t hate them too do you?

    As far as my personal life goes, any mention of it shows that you are running out of valid point to back up your argument.

    As far as you thinking you will offending me by calling me “Mr Smarty Pants,” thank you. From you, I consider that a compliment.

    Also, Bua recreated the entire city of Rome, window for window? That’s a lie.


    My personal life: Um, ok.

    My art: I’d love for you to give me an objective and honest critique of my work so, please visit the link below and post back in this thread what it is you don’t like about what I do and why. How am I not giving you a “GREATER VISUAL EXPERIENCE THEN WHAT NATURE ALREADY PROVIDES US!!!”


  • His comments sound like my undergrad students, wait i take that back, my undergrads are more informed.

  • i like pretty pictures

    tomato TOE mato..

    to each his own. some like the summer, some like the winter. some like both..

    BUA can say what he wants just like you can paint what you want. and its what makes the world great.
    im a student and ive seen thousands graduate and fill the prospective world with GARBAGE. they where poor students and made poor art. some of them do a great job of BSing enough to convince the larger part of the sarah pailin loving society we live in to get recognition and further inspire the next BS easy-way-out artist to be another jackson pollock..

    what do you bring NEW to the table that a child couldnt do or any uninformed idiot with paints couldnt do better or worse (for that matter).

    i dont like BUA..
    i dont like rauschenberg.
    i dont like biscuit.
    i dont like warhol and his piss paintings..
    i dont like your muddy paintings.

    theres a black dude who drew the whole vatican city from memory from one arial flight over the city. IMPRESSIVE.. brillo box.. NOT IMPRESSIVE.
    a dead crackehead named biscuit and his rants.. NOT IMPRESSIVE..
    michelangelo, davinci, tiepolo, rembrandt and their work before age 20 IMPRESSIVE.
    your paintings.. HIDEOUS..

    the connection between rauschenberg and hitler?
    degenerate art. had hitler not tried so badly to erase it and the likes from the planet, they wouldnt have been so important for jews or white people.. its like telling your daughter not to have sex and putting her in a catholic school.. shes gonna do it anyway!! rauschenbergs work and all the work like it, opened the doors for all the weirdos like biscuit and warhol to get fame. had there been no hitler, i seriously doubt the Der Blaue Reiter and everyone on that bandwagon wouldve gotten an ounce of fame.. AND maybe YOU, daaaale DRYling would slow down and make a painting that didnt look like a caffeinated meth addict coke fiend painted with his feet..
    your not inventing the wheel with you work. sloppy paintings have been done already. get ur head out the books and try mixing some values for crying out loud.

    its funny, i know too many people who spend waaaaaaayyyy too much time bookworming and doing history reports, then spending quality time on their own paintings. you look like your one of em..

    oh yeah.. i HATE the claytons too

  • What school are you a student at that generates thousands of Sarah Pailin loving bad artists? Most grad programs for the arts usually have under 100 students, max.

    If you so are impressed with him, why just call him a black dude? Also, what was up with all the anti-white rants a while back, are you a racist?

    Sorry, but I’m still not convinced that Hitler and Rauschenberg have a connection.

    “daaaale DRYling…makes paintings that…look like a caffeinated meth addict coke fiend painted (them) with his feet”

    Can I quote you on that? If only I knew your real name, I’d give you credit for that because it’s actually a pretty cool description of my work.

    An hour ago you were making me mad. But now, after that last post…I’m seriously, really, really happy. I’m gonna go home and paint all night. Just sleep well tonight, Mr. I Like Pretty Paintings, you are a true inspiration.

    Lemon LemonADE…

  • Oh, I almost forgot to mention something that really impressed me about you…

    You phonetically pronounced my last name right. That’s rare. Most people mistakenly pronounce it with a long “E”. But you know that German pronunciation emphasizes the last of two vowels when placed together. “ei” sounds like “Y”!


  • i like pretty pictures

    im just a middle ground, neutral 3rd party that hates going to downtown L.A. and see horrid sculptures of an iron wall that excludes the rest of the public, much like some of the work BUA is referring to. i hate seeing people trying to re-invent the wheel because they dont have the patience to paint with watercolors, oils, or use theyre brushes accordingly..

    if the majority of the population is in favor of sarah pailin.. a fluke from mccain.. then something is OBVIOUSLY wrong with most of society.. the same society that would pay for a brillo box or a piss stained painting from warhol.

    now… i gotta watch the lakers..

  • this shit is just frustrating. delete this post. its just going to bring the Nascar/wrestlers out.

  • mattmedium

    jeff posted this and his intentions wasn’t to stir up drama. guess amir likes drama.

  • A few painful truths about the art world :
    Becoming an artist or studying art history or art criticism especially is increasingly the privilege of people who have a trust fund and don’t worry about earning a living. As traditional arts became less and less relevant to the public while TV, Movies and Technology caught the public interest, it became more and more intellectual. Those who didn’t have a trust fund accepted poverty. Talk to conceptual artists about where they can afford to live or how they pay the bills. People who study art criticism are people who don’t need to earn a living and live in a little bubble.

    Often, the people who could afford to be artists or write about art had no traditional craft skills. They were extremely smart however and while attending Ivy League schools like Yale and Harvard were able to intellectualize art and move it away from storytelling and craftsmanship. Modern art became less about being talented and more about being skilled in the intellectual conversation being created in universities. This conversation was used to justify arts relevance even as it became more and more irrelevant. Modern art has become a masturbatory experience that less and people are interested in, but the people who are fascinated by it are passionate about it. It’s like S&M , it’s a subculture that doesn’t really matter to people who have no interest in it.

    Ask the man on the street what they think of Rauschenberg and they will say”who?”. Ask them about Derrida or deconstructivism, and you will get a blank stare. Outside of the people who are into the intellectual masturbation that modern art has sadly become, Rauschenberg’s art is just a pile of garbage. Instead of admitting it’s the emporer’s new clothes, those who buy into the hog wash need to rationalize the time spent on creating value where none exists.